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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cyber Bullying....It's Disgraceful...and...Anthem Opinions...Demands it Cease Immediately

Cyber Bullying...Our Nation...and Community...
 Are Sick of It

Unfortunately, over the years, cyber bullying has become a part of internet articles and commentary aimed at many residents in many areas, and our community has sadly not been an exception.

Approximately a week ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal published an article on this subject authored by Chicago Tribune columnist, Clarence Page...and his stance on this ugly and disgraceful practice.

After research and the help of another Sun City Anthem publication,  I would like to call your attention to Mr. Page's article entitled...

"Online Trolls Are Sadists At Heart"

It was on October 1, 2013 that this matter literally came to "a head" when the State of Nevada made it a misdemeanor criminal offense for members of a community to harass others within the same community.

Though this law is now being carefully scrutinized by our legislators, police department, and local government officials, a simple fact remains...


...and Anthem Opinions has lead a drive to erase this form of behavior in our community.

We do not partake in such activity, and we will not tolerate ANY INDIVIDUAL who does !

Accordingly, we have made a plea to those who are running for the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors to adopt a PLEDGE of DECENCY as part of their campaign promises against ANY and ALL forms of CYBER BULLYING and WILL CONDEMN ANY and ALL those who engage in such activity.

We contacted EACH candidate as to their willingness to adopt such a stance, and on Monday, March 3, 2014, we will have an article that will surprise...if not...shock...most of you, our readers, as to the results of our... 



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Special Guest...Paula Roth...on writing the TV show....Perfect Strangers

The Vegas Voice Show Saturday
 March 1st 

Join  Radio host, Dick Arendt,  this Saturday, March 1st at 7:00am and again at noon on Sunday for The Vegas Voice Show on  KLAV radioAM 1230, on your dial.

Dick's Special Guest this week is television sitcom writer, Paula Roth, in this third of three interviews.

Remember these television shows?

Then...this series of interviews you won't want to miss !
Paula's career is fascinating, growing up with Penny Marshall, and years later becoming a writer for such iconic television shows as "Laverne & Shirley", "Happy Days", "The Love Boat", and "Perfect Strangers".

In this third interview we'll discuss "Perfect Strangers" that starred Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker.

We'll get up close and personal with Paula Roth as we discuss "Perfect Strangers", the stars of the show, and the fun...and at times...headaches... of being the head writer of one of the most popular shows on television.

Remember the "Dance of Joy"?

And...if you miss the broadcast, you can always download it from The Vegas Voice website.  Just go the "Radio" link, click on it, all past shows are archived for your convenience.

And don't forget to read The Vegas Voice, the largest Age 50+ Senior newspaper in the Las Vegas valley.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mini Golf....LOL !

Mini-Golf...Common Sense Says
 It's Ridiculous

Gotta have it...

Gotta do it....

Gotta say...

Forget it !

Other than the immense financial commitment associated with that project, one of its strongest criticisms is the belief that it will not be used with any regularity...especially in the Las Vegas heat !

The Sun City Summerlin Activities Department verified that an average of only TWO people p/month use it, yet proponents are trying to convince residents that one has nothing to do with the other... argument... even if weakened even further with something we were made aware of ...

...that those who do believe this project should go forward, would have a problem explaining and justifying the costs of its construction and maintenance !

The cost estimate submitted for the project was from an UNLICENSED firm, and a recent article written by our Mr. Fix-It, confirmed that "there was more to the story."

A subsequent comment on an alternative blog from an individual whose son sought licensing in Nevada met with a great deal of opposition.

"...I wish getting a contractors license were "straight forward and simple" sorry to tell you, at least in this city it is not so. Getting a contractor's license is quite complicated here, as my son-in-law found out when he and my daughter moved here from NJ. He had only been licensed there 35 years. With test, paperwork, etc. it took him many months and mucho $$$."

Did you know that  such an "amenity"  that existed in your own backyard...CLOSED ITS DOORS not long ago?

No matter what you read elsewhere, common sense says....

If it would have been that successful, it would have stayed AND opened a second location elsewhere !

King-Putt Indoor Mini Golf

This "state of the art" INDOOR and AIR CONDITIONED facility was located at 9230 S. Eastern Ave.....less than 4 miles from the Anthem Center in Sun City Anthem.

It included an ARCADE; the theme had an "Egyptian" motif, and included every "bell and whistle" available. 

The cost was $8.50 to play an 18 hole course, with the final hole offering a free game, if you got a hole in one.

If the entire cost of the project were $200,000...and when ALL COSTS ARE CONSIDERED...DON'T BE SURPRISED IF IT IS....

... it would make more sense to GIVE  $8.50 vouchers FREE OF CHARGE to each resident to play at any such location than build one !

...because 23,530 residents would receive such a voucher, to equal that total sum... be fair...

(only 11,765 residents if $100,000)

...AND... at the Summerlin facility average of only 2 people per/month utilizing it, the break even point wouldn't be reached for

980 years. be fair...

(only 490 years if $100,000)

I previously put out a "cost" challenge to proponents of this idea and the original cost figure published....between $80,000--$100,000


in giving them the benefit of the doubt with the HIGHER figure of $100,000...

I put forth the proposition that...




...even by the supposed 700+ supporters who signed a petition saying they...



As always, it's easier to...

SPEND OTHERS MONEY...rather than your own.

Here are a few pictures of what was available to patrons.

Now compare this to the bland "vanilla" proposal without any such elements that has been proposed.

You might also view this video of King Putt Min-Golf, shot in January, 2013. It is a bit dark, but it's a short 2+ minutes, and  you will see what a "real" miniature golf course SHOULD LOOK LIKE...that KIDS WOULD LOVE TO PLAY.

This beautiful facility was not only available to kids, but ALL WHO WOULD COME....yet it ceased its operation over a year ago.

So, the question is simple...and those who are proponents of the mini-golf expenditure at the Liberty Center should be easily able answer as they continue their quest for this project....

If a detailed beautiful indoor air conditioned facility that included an arcade for children and open to the entire public would close.....

WHY IS THERE ANY BELIEF that a modest facility in the OPEN AIR without any traditional "mini-golf" decorations, succeed?

And if one can satisfactorily answer those questions...

This entire community would LOVE TO HEAR IT !

And tell your friends in other communities that this project is under consideration.

See if their reaction is similar to EVERY ONE
I've ever mentioned this to over the months...

What is it ?


Anthem Opinions

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting close to Getting Back in the Garden

It might be winter everywhere else
but here...
Spring is Just Around the Corner...Get Ready !


CLICK HERE for Full Information


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 "The Garden Wizard"

2013 Toni Award Winner on List...."Wicked" Returns

Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Announces 2014-2015 Broadway Series

If you've never been to the Smith Center....there's only one question I have of you.....

WHY  NOT ????

When I left Chicago 8+ years ago, there was one aspect of my "toddlin' town" that I missed more than anything else...


...and 2012...someone decided to build a magnificent structure called...


...and within that building they created a home for Broadway Musical Entertainment...and called it...


...and I've been a Season Subscriber ever since !

The Smith Center just announced their 2014-2015 Broadway Season Schedule


Here it is !

"Ghost the Musical"
(August 12-17, 2014)

"Kinky Boots"
(September 4-14, 2014)

(October 8th -- November 9, 2014)

(November 25-30, 2014)

"Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
(January 20-25, 2015)

"Nice Work If You Can Get It"
(Februrary 24th -- March 1, 2015)

(March 17-22, 2015)

"Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"
(April 28th -- May 3, 2015)

(May 26-31, 2015)

Love Entertainment...Become a Season Subscriber

Each show has approximately 16,000 seats available and to day there are 12,000 Season Subscribers.

Need more information....*

Contact the Smith Center at

(702) 749-2000

Box Office Hours
Monday through Saturday from 10:00--6:00pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

located near downtown
361 Symphony Park Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89106

* Season Subscribers my begin their renewal on
March 3, 2014 by using the following link:


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is This is a Fair Demand of any Board Candidate ?

Should Harassing Commentary be Condemned by Board Candidates?

Board candidates have announced, and as the saying goes...
"Let the Games Begin"
It would certainly be refreshing if any candidates for our upcoming board election would make a statement that such degrading and/or harassing behavior by any person or blog is unacceptable in any way.
Silence....on this matter...should create suspicion as to their character and how they might look at fellow constituents should they be elected...whether they will lead through example, or through intimidation.
Making crude and harassing commentary designed to merely demean another person, yet boasting a 100% track record at choosing candidates who have been victorious in past elections, should raise eyebrows as to those candidates who have remained silent toward such behavior directed at their fellow neighbors.
Just what does that say about the character of the person making such a demeaning comment, or even worse, the character of the individual endorsed, if they cannot subscribe to any civil form of conduct?
Good moral character combined with competence must be the standard by which a leader should be judged and chosen.
Missing either, means settling for less than what you deserve, and the results of electing any such individual, can only bring results of less than what you are entitled to receive.
In my estimation any board candidate who refuses to chastise any person demonstrating such activity, should be eliminated from consideration by any person casting a ballot. 
When "winning" involves sacrificing the golden rule....

Is a "WIN" really a WIN?
I am merely asking each candidate....
Will you demonstrate your moral fiber by rejecting  harassing behavior ? 
I hope each and every candidate asks themselves this question as this contest proceeds...
...while the good people of this community pay close attention to those candidates who reject or remain silent to such behavior prior to their voting for any person.
Dick Arendt


Federal Government to Assist Home Buyers

Fannie Mae Offers Money Back, Excludes Investors


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Replacing a Faucet

Replacing a Faucet

We got an email from one of our valued readers....

...a lady who told him how to fix something !
With a smile, we want to pass it along to all of you !

Two members of our Anthem Opinions staff
Carol Van Camp
(The Garden Wizard)

Valerie Lapin
(Why Didn't I Think of That...Tips)

....want to send Forrest a small reminder !

Have you ever done an article on replacing one's faucet? 

I recently had to do one and found the following handout (from Walmart) helpful. 

 Perhaps you can use it or make something similar that it is to follow?
Thanks for the information you provide and congrats on passing the 1st hurdle (Lifestyle Committee) for the new club.  We appreciate all you do for us here in SCA.




Click on our Information Page...

 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

And to our valued reader, Nancy...

You made our day !

Dick & Allen

Anthem Opinions

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Enough is Enough !

It's Time Bully Behavior Pays a Price

When it come to bad taste and vicious commentary, one doesn't have to go far to find it in Sun City Anthem.

There is no reason to identify the source;  reading it and believing untruthful articles that serve no purpose other than ridiculing others, is obvious to any person with moral character.

If one is to believe such LIES and TRASH, those that are BULLIED on a regular basis would have had some form of track record where their pasts would have been indicative of the people the BULLY claims they really are.

 That is common sense.

People with STELLAR careers and reputations before they came here don't suddenly become BAD PEOPLE.

It's the BAD PEOPLE who came here and wish to convince you that the GOOD PEOPLE are BAD...those are the ones you should closely watch.

That is common sense.

...and those BAD PEOPLE who have no reputable past have one weapon that GOOD PEOPLE refuse to use....


Anthem Opinions has taken a position that referring to people in the most derogatory of terms is uncalled for, rude, unprofessional, and illegal.

We've learned over the years that those who make the weakest cases for arguments, rather than responding in an intelligent manner; instead, BULLY innocent people by sidestepping the issue, and degrade them in the eyes of others.

Referring to people as "dummy, liar, thug,  slippery, madman, racist, coming from under a rock",  or any other such terminology, is disgraceful and has no place in this community.

And those who believe that is a form of entertainment or informative,  demonstrate themselves to be of the same immoral caliber. 

A case in point is the unnecessary BULLYING of a resident named Kay Frank, a woman who may or may not be your choice as an elected official, but nonetheless is a HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS....

She and her husband, Bob, have taken a step in excess of 11,000 residents that have for a position on our board.

Her husband, a past board vice president having received the highest total number of votes in any board election years ago,  was chosen to sit on the Real Estate Commission, appointed by Governor Sandoval.

We have a man named Tim Stebbins, perhaps the most knowledgeable individual in Sun City Anthem as to NRS regulations...falsely arrested until the case was dropped....

..because he merely wanted excess association funds to be returned to residents.

We have Forrest Fetherolf, who has a long  record of community service, and his attempts to clean up financial waste.

He is a sponsor in a special Veteran's Court, receiving citations from Judge Mark Stevens for his dedication to assisting veterans in need; a respected project manager of the Woodchips club; a proud member of the Filipiania Club, whose efforts spearheaded a fundraiser to assist the victims of the Philippine typhoon disaster; and still finds time to write our Mr. Fix-It column, while constantly assisting residents in their home repairs---including ONE WHO FOUND HIM UNQUALIFIED to be a member of the Property and Grounds Committee.

We have Rana Goodmanowner of the Anthem community forum, reappointed to the Henderson Senior Citizen's Advisory commission, again and again, and recently received a citation form Mayor Andy Hafen for her exemplary achievements. 

She is now the Political Editor of the Vegas Voice newspaper, an active participant in the "Keeping the Spirit of 45 Alive" World War II project for those who served our nation in and out of uniform, in addition to her lobbying efforts for homeowner rights.

We have Ron Johnson, owner of the Today's Anthem community blog, a respected individual who, for years has written intelligent, objective,  and detailed summaries of community affairs, making attempt after attempt to bring homeowners aware of the problems that face our community.

And then there is myself, co-owner of the Anthem Opinions blog, who has stressed financial integrity and full disclosure  in making all proper business decisions. 
 not at meetings where only 20-30 people attend
Yes...I am as guilty as 10,975 others who do not go to a number of association committee and board meetings...

...instead I spend 40+ hours a week MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY with the finest FREE entertainment available in the Las Vegas Valley through writing this blog and my work with The Vegas Voice.

And these are  just a few who have suffered at the expense of BULLY behavior over the years.

Why do we withstand it?

We are HONEST PEOPLE  who merely want all residents to be aware of FULL INFORMATION they are entitled to receive, rather than what a BULLY wants you to hear.

And despite the BULLYING...we will continue to provide that FULL information to you.
We will not stop our honesty...

...but what we will do... use every avenue within the law available to eliminate any obstacle that demonstrates or supports BULLY BEHAVIOR in order to accomplish that mission.

That is our promise to you.

You, as a resident, are entitled to a BULLY FREE environment in which to live happy and carefree retirement years without being subjected to any such activity. 

Dick Arendt

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mayor Carolyn Goodman Salutes Dennis Bono

Thank You Dennis Bono for 14 Wonderful and Memorable Years

For those of you who either missed or did not attend the Dennis Bono Show 14th Anniversary Show, the memories will last for some time to come.

On top of some of the greatest entertainment who made appearances in honor of Dennis, Mayor Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas, proclaimed February 13, 2013 as...

Dennis Bono Day

It's been said that the best way to tell a story is through photographs.
And I couldn't think of a better way to congratulate Dennis for the 14 years he's brought a FREE afternoon show each week to Sunset Station, Sam's Town, and South Point.

Over those many years, there are two names that all who have been loyal attendees will never forget, and in their memory they too should be saluted.
They will never be forgotten and will always be missed.

Bob Rozario
Scottie O'Neil

But.... on a brighter note, there is one very special lady who has been with Dennis from Day One....a lady who is as kind as she is talented...


Beautiful !

Our very Own Sun City Anthem resident


To Dennis, Corrie and the entire staff of the Dennis Bono Show, we sincerely thank you for the memories of 14 years.

To see the memories of the February 13, 2013 show....

or click on our Information Page...

"The Dennis Bono Show Weekly Guest List"