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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's Winter When It Comes to Our Water Clocks

November 1st means it time to change your irrigation timetable.

Winter Watering Restrictions

Winter Watering Restrictions

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A Trip Down Memory Lane Only Seniors Can Love (Part Two)

Pictures only Seniors Will Understand...and...Appreciate
(Part Two of Two)

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Monday, October 30, 2017

A Residents Sends Us...Moments Only Seniors Can Appreciate

Anthem Opinions sends our thanks to resident, John Schmidt, for allowing us to take this trip down memory lane.
Pictures only Seniors Will Understand...and...Appreciate
(Part One of Two)

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Bathroom Sink Continue to Clog? Check out Mr. Fix-It

Using a Vacuum Cleaner
Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

There's More to the Story...Mr. Sun City Anthem President

Sun City Anthem President
Needs Some Understanding About His Comments

bully 104313125.png (4775×3343)
Let me begin by saying these are MY OPINIONS on this matter.

At this point, we don't want to rehash what has already been previously stated over and over again, but this latest outburst by Sun City Anthem President Rex Weddle, was as usual, his typical display of well, "Weddle being Weddle"...

...the man who was barely reelected a year ago, being trounced by the woman whom he did his best to remove from office...

...and voted to remove the Foundation Assisting Seniors from Sun City Anthem premises.

Just a bit of information...just in case he forgot...

Whether or not he or the other members of this Board are removed...

...that he cannot ever deny that he and two others now are the only members of any Sun City Anthem Board that has ever been subject to a formal removal election...

... that a community of almost 800 people in a short period of time signed petitions believing the leadership provided, has had such an adverse effect on the residents of our community, that they wanted them GONE at the earliest opportunity.

...that a substantial number of formal complaints have been made to the proper authorities which are under investigation, and will remain in tact UNTIL they are legally determined.

...that any potential claim of "vindication" is at best premature, until those complaints are settled.

...that "the people" witnessed an election fiasco approved by a Board and General Manager so tainted with deception that an entire community witnessed the depths they would go to remain in office.

That is what all of them will have to live with and place on any resume should they run for elective office ever again in Sun City Anthem.

And...if you missed it, we urge all of our readers to check out Nona Tobin's analysis of the above referenced Board Meeting at which the Weddle commentary was made.

Just click the link below the picture to enter Nona Tobin's "SCA Strong":

Got comments?  Send them to us at:
  1. It appears that some person named Bill Feeney, like so many others who strongly opposed the removal, has made the same old accusation about the removal proponents being responsible for wasting $50,000.

    We've gone over this before, but apparently Mr. Feeney is one of those who might also respond to these comments following his misguided comments.

    No one who supports his beliefs has to date, perhaps because they know they can't !  Like all others, rather than addressing anything factual,  he chooses to kill the messenger and avoid these facts. 

    First, who decided to spend the $50,000? Who signed the check, Mr. Feeney? 

    Second, to prove the proponents wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH SPENDING SUCH AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT:

    These were the suggestions we made THAT WERE DENIED

    . certification could and should be completed by Sun City Anthem employees IN OPEN VIEW of BOTH SIDES of the removal positions.

    They are paid to perform such clerical functions, and those concerned about accuracy should be allowed TO VIEW such certification.

    During such certification, any denial of individual signature eligibility should IMMEDIATELY be brought to the attention of those who favor the removal for EXPLANATION and/or rebuttal, and any such disputes FULLY DOCUMENTED.

    (Had that taken place, Mr Feeney, there would not have been a need to file complaints after examining the CPA tally and finding THEIR ERRORS.) 

    B. Using any counting machines should be prohibited...especially in light of their prior failures. This also costs the association NOTHING.

    C. the actual petitions or the ballots must NOT leave the Sun City Anthem premises FOR ANY REASON.

    . a count of the number of ballots received must be DOCUMENTED and OBSERVED each day by THOSE BOTH SUPPORTING AND OPPOSING the removal INCLUDING those received at time of mail delivery AND any ballot boxes established in the various centers. 

    A representative volunteer from each camp would SIGN a statement as to the number of ballots received each day from all sources.

    This procedure verifies that none will be "lost" .

    I fully believe that there exists a sufficient passion in the Sun City Anthem community to provide the needed volunteers.

    These are the proposals that I believe the proponents of the removal would gladly accept RATHER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE OF SPENDING "tens of thousands of dollars", demanded by others.

    ...and totally negates the absurdity of the ludicrous expenditures suggested and demanded by the attorney and/or Board or General Manager to provide sufficient security.

    So, can we be any fairer than this?

    Now, Mr. Feeney, how about your commenting on these facts rather than the propaganda written elsewhere?
    1. From Robert Opinions

      The sad thing is, the overall Apathy in SCA allows Weddle to get away with such antics (as well as allowing the HOA Board of Directors to treat the residents as their serfs in a Medieval village).

      There are also a limited number of SCA Residents who find it impossible to make up their own minds, and allow the HOA's Blogger Lap Dog to make the decisions for them.

      As Pogo said: "We have me the enemy, and he is us"
      1. From Judy Opinions

        I am an avid reader of Anthem Opinions and really appreciate being informed of so many of the issues that have arisen in Sun City Anthem.
        I can only imagine the time and effort it must take to put this blog together.

        Until now, I have remained silent and have never commented an any of the issues. The time has come that I will comment.

        First and foremost is the big picture. Our board is not controlling this community. It is being directed by 2 parties. First is our illustrious association attorney. Our board does not take a breath without calling and being billed for Mr. Clarkson telling the board what to do.

        Recently our board president took our time at a board meeting to give his personal opinion on the state of affairs regarding many things including the recall election. Note that he gave his opinion and specified he was not speaking for the board.

        Interesting that our little dictator appeared to read this opinion as a prepared statement from his laptop. Also interesting that his speech appeared word for word on the board mouthpiece’s alternative blog. Now how did that happen?

        I can only speculate that this prepared speech cost us some attorney’s fees. A friend of mine had a question regarding how to get a ballot to a different address and after calling our association manager, was sent a copy of what the attorney told her.

        She actually called the attorney that we paid for just to answer a simple question regarding mailing of a ballot.

        I understand that the attorney arranged the accounting firm relationship. I wonder if he approved the cost to hire a CPA firm.

        I wonder if our high priced association counsel gave guidance to the CPA firm as to how to count the ballots, how to send them our without identification of the contents and how to disqualify votes that were qualified votes?

        The CPA firm did not make this poor decision without guidance. Thanks Mr. Clarkson for doing so much and continuing to charge us.

        I wonder if our board decided to continue with the Pulte lawsuit even when they did not get the required resident vote to proceed?

        Did they or our lawyer charge forward?

        Face it, they are too stupid to sue without the advice of counsel.

        After all, the board was the party that told us how many votes were required to authorize the suit.

        The other community leader is our newest community manager Sandy Seddon.

        She continues to make decisions and tell the board……I will take care of it. The board just sits on the side and allows this lady to make herself the Most Valuable Player in the community.

        She has and continues to create her own future by doing the job of the board so these weak people feel she has all the answers.

        This recall election did not have to be handled the way it was with all the excessive costs of the accounting firm and the lawyers fees.

        In a short time over 800 people said, enough is enough.

        Community has proven that the majority of home do not even vote for regular elections that are fair and use the appropriate time frame to vote, ballot boxes etc so the likelihood to get enough resident to create a true recall was next to impossible.

        Add the interference by the board, the lawyer and the manager, it could not succeed. It certainly did make the community aware of the deceptive practices that our board is using.

        Lastly is the Nona Tobin removal. A pure disgrace for the board and the lawyer.

        Inappropriate and disgusting that they were so scared of Nona that they had to take improper action to remove her.

        We the people voted her in and 6 board members pulled her out.

        My opinion is that we have a totally incompetent board of directors that have no confidence in their action and have been made totally dependent on Mr. Clarkson and our newest queen Sandy Seddon.

        I have heard that numerous complaints have been filed with the office of the Ombudsman.

        Remember, it isn’t over until it is over. Let us see what happens.
        1. Judy,

          Evidently you, like many of our readers, seem to have become a "star" on another blog. We noticed that you were advised that the information about the Weddle comment was taken from the Association Board Book.

          We checked it out and here's what we found....nothing about the statement. Just click on the link that was posted. For anything other than this, in my opinion, it could not have been posted due to Friday being "Nevada Day", the day all Sun City Anthem Administrative were closed.
          On the positive side, at least you didn't get an unsolicited "pestering" phone call or personal email from Mr. Budinski.
          1. Somehow a very "unnatural" mind decided that the above comment was some kind of complaint against a very sweet lady named Anniesse Gamboa in Sun City Anthem administration.

            How it could be interpreted in that manner is more than difficult to comprehend.

            It was certainly not, and no insinuation was made, but of course it appeared to be yet another reason to dramatize an "off the wall" reaction of an individual who apparently "lies in wait" to take a single comment and twist it in a manner that suits a sordid purpose to further another immature tirade against a single individual.

            Perhaps if the Sun City Anthem website was easy to navigate, it might have avoided the comment. The community has been promised to have this information system revised, yet to date has obviously become a low priority.

            Naturally, there was no response to comments made by a Mr. Bill Feeney that documented the manner in which the outrageous removal costs were IN NO WAY ENDORSED by the removal proponents, summarizing the suggestions made that WERE IGNORED by a Board, GM, and attorney.

            That conveniently was ignored in the piece that concentrated on one aspect...

            ...and certainly would not have served the objective of destroying a target in a manner displayed again and again.

            And..I might add, were asked to Mr. Feeney in a POLITE and professional manner that in no way attacked this man's character as to a response to what we proposed. Did we in any way condemn him or call him names or insinuate he was ignorant for his line of reasoning?

            No, we merely asked him to explain why he felt the way he did after we provided our evidence.

            We are still waiting for the blogger or Mr. Feeney to respond; however, we're not holding our breath.

            Why? because our evidence proved we were truthful.

            Nevertheless, it is sad that one must take a simple comment and turn it into such a disgraceful condemning piece.

            ...yet at the same time, insist others display hatred.

            It just does not make sense that one can accuse others of "hate" while at the same time in just this single article alone, use rhetoric that includes "the latest piece of crap" or that capital letters are used "making it easier to read" or "becoming increasingly paranoid" or being referred to as "a defamatory liar".

            Perhaps someone might explain that to the rest of us.

            Is that supposed to impress others? Is that supposed to endear individuals to look a person as a role model? Is that the type of person to admire?


            Is that the type of person a Board, GM, or Association Attorney allows themselves to be influenced by?

            Obviously there are some who do find that he is a role model and admired, but why? That has always been "a puzzlement".

            What DOES concern a number of people is a past display of violence that many have advised me could erupt again as it did years ago when he picked up a chair and threatened to hit an innocent woman at a meeting.

            Accordingly it appears the time has come to take their advice. !
            1. Loved the comment from an individual named "Jan" on the other blog.

              "Am surprised to find out that Dick Arendt got his Bachelor of Science 1965-1970 in Finance, Economic and Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Why? Because his past comments about SCA Finances should have been more accurate? Just saying."

              Well, Jan, I did.

              But, perhaps you might ask yourself if I was so wrong and uninformed with a lack of financial experience, how a guy as ignorant as you seem to paint me, was able to sell a business and retire at the age of 54...waited to age 70 to get my government social security benefits, and live for the past 17 years without them solely on investment income, moving to Las Vegas, while increasing net worth in six figures each of those years, and writing a check for $640,000 in 2005 to buy a home? 

              Surely, in your mind, that describes an individual who doesn't understand financial matters, doesn't it? 

              I could have lived in peace and prosperity for the rest of my life, only looking out for myself, Jan.

              So Jan, why do I put up with insults, and uninformed comments on a regular basis?

              I look at those less fortunate and say THEY COUNT and do my best to ensure they are FULLY INFORMED in order for them to make an intelligent decision ON THEIR OWN.

              Ever see me seek any power, Jan? 

              Nope, never have and never will. just looking for people who would like to treat others in a fair and equitable manner; and when I see injustices and people taking advantage of others, that bothers my code of ethics.

              And you know what Jan, I never even lost a license, forged a judge's signature, or even financially harmed a client either....and believe me, had I compromised my principles over my working years, I could have made even more than I did.

              You see Jan, in 1970 I made a promise to my dad when he looked at me on my college graduation day. He told me that he was proud that I was the first person in both sides of our families to ever graduate from college, that he wished me success, but that there was one thing he gave me that I never dare tarnish...the name he gave me.

              That promise I have always kept, that no person will ever tarnish a name I was given...until I arrived here in Sun City Anthem and realized that there is an element present that cares little about people or how they are treated, or the damage they do to others as well as their loved ones for the sole purpose of power.

              So, Jan, when you or others attack my character or credibility , you attack my father. And that, I can assure you and all others that do so, will result in exposing those individuals for what they really are.

              Now that surely describes my lack of character, business knowledge, experience and little concern for others, doesn't it? 

              Yes Jan, you really have it all figured out, don't you ?

              Jan, perhaps you might explain your background in order show your expert qualifications to make that statement?

              Am waiting anxiously.

              PS...Bring your balance sheet and let's compare them.

              Just saying !
                1. October 31, 2017 at 1:33 PM 
                  From Judy Opinions

                  As a follow-up to Mr. David Berman and his blog David’s Anthem Journal who did not appear to like my comments on Anthem Opinions regarding the recall election.

                  I always say that we should consider the source when we are reading and or listening to an opinion.

                  So, Mr Berman, do you think that people do not pay attention to who is doing the talking? Your past is now talking.

                  It appears that your past is somewhat checkered.

                  It appears that your law license was suspended in 1991 for fabricating a certificate purporting to be from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and forging the signature of a judge.

                  You got caught and that you never went back to the practice of law.

                  And now you claim to be a reporter for your blog and expect people to believe you.

                  Your opinion means nothing because of the source.

                  Sorry, you cannot erase the past even with time.

                  I stand by my comments on Anthem Opinions and hope others read my comments and my response to your reporting.

                  If anyone wants to verify your forgery of a judge's signature, just look at the link below.

More "No Free Parking"

Caesar's Entertainment Corporation to Charge Nevada Residents for Parking as of November 2, 2017
caesars-entertainment-logo.jpg (558×382)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Looking at the Real Numbers

Sun City Anthem Legal Fees
Soar in 2017

slide-1.png (800×440)
Barry Goldstein
Former Member of The Sun City Anthem Finance Committee

Remember we were promised that self-management would save our association money? certainly didn't when it came to dialing....

ringing-phone-hi.png (600×587)

According the "supposed" excellent financial capabilities of our $200,000 Chief Financial Officer in conjunction with our Association Treasurer, we learned that when it comes to decisions, all too often, Ms. Seddon & Mr. Weddle jump on the telephone at will to discuss association affairs.

And...there is a problem with those ...
how-are-you25.gif (300×300)
... frequent telephone calls to the Clarkson Law firm.

You see, the budgeted amount for association legal expenses is $7,500.00 per month. ($90,000 for the entire year).


Let's see now, the total legal fees incurred year to date:


The Total Amount budgeted for the first 9 months of 2017:


So...according to simple subtraction, that means we're this much OVER BUDGET in the first nine months of 2017.

Above the original projected

There is a detailed report attached to the recently published financial statements which I consider a significant number of lawsuits filed against Sun City Anthem.

As to the total legal fees expended to remove Nona Tobin, that has yet to be disclosed.

In June, 2017 a detailed report of claims against the association insurance policies was obtained that uncovered a total of 55.

On the recently produced October, 26, 2017 report, that number has now jumped to 92.

Of those 92 claims, two involve workers compensation; one from 2016, another from 2017. 

Both claims far exceed the premiums on the insurance policies and as a result, Sun City Anthem claims experience has been severely hampered, and insurance premiums have skyrocketed to an unprecedented sum.

These claims and the adverse experience of their relationship to insurance premiums suggest this question:

Is there a problem of some kind for employees working for our association that would cause these results?

Would it be wise for our management team to contact a risk management professional to assess a problem that may exist?

When huge legal fees began to appear a number of months ago, according to reports, the General Manager Seddon commented on the Clarkson  legal fees:

"It's part of the New Attorney Learning Curve"

Wonder why Rex Weddle should be removed or that 836 unit owners signed a "No Confidence" petition against the management of Ms. Seddon?

This is just another reason.

Isn't it nice to know our association attorney's "experience" required...

"A Learning Curve"

Perhaps they..."should do the walking"...

... rather than their fingers....

yellow-pages-fingers-walking.jpg (850×299)

...hitting  the A T T O R N E Y speed dial button at what appears to be a "hotline" between their phones !

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. Be it known that most CAI attorneys have a strong lobby in Carson City and a history of being responsible for anti-homeowner rights legislation.

    Choosing Adam Clarkson to be their new president after the manner by which he rudely treated Nona Tobin, shows how much compassion such individuals have for homeowners.

    To paint them in any other light is ridiculous.

    To prove a point, look at those who seem to "adore" the manner in which they operate.
    1. From Barry Opinions

      Dick, I remember the comment was made during a finance committee meeting I attended.

      The reason I know it is true because another member that attended the meeting had a conversation with me, regarding the statement after the meeting ended.

      Maybe Mr Berman did not hear it because he was busy with Rex Weddle outside the room planning their response to a negative comment that was made at the meeting.

      Sitting at the back of the room, it was actually amusing to watch Mr. Berman signal Rex to meet outside.

      Near the end of the meeting, Mr Berman was also imploring the finance committee chairman to make a statement opposing the recall.

      The FC chair responded that the committee has no statement.

      I wonder if he did this at other committee meetings, especially after certain comments were made by other committee members.
      1. Barry, don't be concerned about his latest threats. 

        He may refer to others as such, but it's so obvious he believes that insulting others is a way to impress, when in fact, to those who do have integrity, see him for the BULLY he has always demonstrated himself to be over and over again.

        Sun City Anthem in now well aware that he has no depth to his desecrating the reputations of others while never addressing the topics at hand.

        He held the record of "code of conduct violations" before his wife, as association president, made sure they would removed.

        For anyone to look at such an individual in admiration, make them every bit the BULLY.

        Have you ever examined the definition of the word "bully"? 

        "a blustering, browbeating person; especially one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others".

        Keep in mind it was approximately a year ago, that the former association attorney recommended incorporating an "anti-bullying" policy in Sun City Anthem.

        Anthem Opinions fully supported it. Berman was strongly against it, and the Board refused to accept the attorney's recommendation.

        Why? Because it was obvious. 

        They needed his BULLYING to maintain their control.
        1. From Harlen Opinions

          I was in Oregon until 10/23/17 I put in a change of address with the post office to Nevada.

          I had a change of address from NV to OR before that.

          I called the office who were to count the ballot and they mailed out that evening and I never received the ballot
          I wanted to vote for removal of the board members.

          I hope we don't loose the recall by 1 vote.
        2. Harlen,

          I wish you weren't the only person who has made this type of comment. The entire manner in which this election was handled was a disgrace. Either nothing was forwarded, they never received any ballot, or none was ever sent.

          The very thought to hear some say "it was an oversight"; well, there appear to be too many oversights.

          Can you imagine how many of removal opponents would yell and scream if the tables were turned and they were treated in the manner the proponents have been?

          This election was the worst display of bias anyone would imagine and requires further investigation.

          How anyone would could possibly believe this was conducted fairly, based on your complaint in addition to the many others, has proven the extent a corrupt group of people will go to maintain some kind of control.

          This entire election has taught me something that I have always tried to deny. My belief was that many of the leaders were incompetent and or/ ignorant by the way they have handled association funds. That was always my biggest complaint...that those elected didn't have sufficient experience to govern 12,000 people.

          This election has brought a new dimension of that belief.

          That view of incompetence is now CONTEMPT.

          This group, in my judgment, are the most UNETHICAL and DECEPTIVE members of our society, and all of us who pride ourselves in truth and honesty, should now be convinced that is no longer in question; that to condone these actions, these individuals represent the worst in human behavior, should be ashamed of themselves, and deserve to be looked on as the DISHONEST people they have now proven themselves to be.

          We should look at all of them with utter contempt, and alienate them at every opportunity.

          They are the miserable ones who have this unnatural need to control at an age when most just want a happy existence.

          Just look at most of them. So many have few friends, just associates who are similar to themselves, not at all friendly, selfish, believe the world "owes them", and who by and large, are "tolerated" not liked.

          Who spends their lives going to meetings day in and day out?

          Boring individuals who have NO LIFE. These are the OUTCASTS of society who need to feel important to themselves, because the rest of society looks at them as "taking up space".

          They are individuals who use people, abuse them, and somehow seem to enjoy doing so.

          They are LOSERS
        3. From Dan Opinions

          This data is shocking. How did the HOA get to this
          state ?

          Where are the comments and/or excuses from the board members?

          Were they railroaded by the GM and her cronies (attorney) of are they incompetent ?

          Are they too old to realize what's taking place?

          I've served on 5 different HOA boards in California over the past 20 years and when we had a rogue board member we blunted the actions of that member ----

          Where were the honest board members when this apparent general manager takeover occurred ?

          I would suggest all possible (legal )actions to remove all board members and the GM as soon as possible.

          This state of affairs will impact our home values and quality of life here in Sun City Anthem.
        4. Dan, it got this way because the residents of Sun City Anthem allowed it to get that way.

          So many don't even have the slightest idea as to the goings on in our community. They take no time to learn anything about their governance.

          Add that fact to an unscrupulous group of individuals who will take full advantage of that, and you get what we have today....

          CHAOS, INCOMPETENCE, UNETHICAL and CORRUPT governance by the most inexperienced of individuals, who can't see beyond the tips of their noses that they are being controlled by what has turned out to be a SHARK General Manager, who has in turned, employed the services of a SHARK association attorney, the object of which is to make sure you SWIM IN THEIR POOL, OR DROWN.
          1. From Rod Opinions


          2. Rod,

            They were sent on October 9th and had to have been returned by Thursday, October 26th.

            Your comment is just one of hundreds similar comments that have proven this election to be the most tainted in the history of Sun City Anthem.