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Friday, January 31, 2014

Let Us Entertain You

What's February 2nd Really About ?

Think Sunday is all about football?  Then think again, because  the real star of Februrary 2nd  doesn't have a thing to do with Seahawks or Broncos....

It's really about rodents who have the power to determine our weather for the next six weeks ! 



Just in case any of you aren't aware of the significance of this historic date, if the sun is shining and a groundhog sees his shadow as he awakens from his slumber, six weeks of winter lie before us.  If it's cloudy, we're in for an early spring !

Just ask anyone from the Midwest and east coast...and lately the deep south..

What do you think is more important to them this year?





I'm betting on the later !

And so, rather than concern myself with a football game that I won't be able to tell you who won or lost two years from now....

...instead, I choose to concern myself with honoring the REAL MEANING of February 2nd...the groundhog !

Normally this big day is dominated each year by a star who has been recognized for years.... expert at weather predictions... who claims to be "the one" who knows all... who starred in a movie with Bill Murray...

 Punxsutawney Phil


Unfortunately Phil recently tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

 He vehemently denied the allegations at a recent press conference;  however, the International Groundhog Union's arbitration board confirmed the report and has suspended Phil for a 12 month period commencing in 2014...without pay.

And due to the conflict, the organization has decided to cancel this year's celebration.

Meanwhile, non-union members around the United States and Canada from minor league operations have crossed picket lines and supplied "replacement players" for the day's honors. 

And it is these brave creatures who have crossed union picket lines in order to maintain the spirit of this day.


"Woodstock Willie"
(from northern Illinois)

"Susquehanna Sherman"
(from Pennsylvania)

"Western Maryland "Murray"

"Staten Island Chuck"

"Octorara Orphie"
(from Buffalo, New York)

"Chattanooga Chuck"
(from Tennessee)

"Pine Grove Grover"
(from Pennsylvania)

"Jimmy the Groundhog"
(from Wisconsin)

"Smith Lake Jake"
 from Alabama

"Grady the Groundhog"
(from North Carolina)

"French Creek Freddie"
 from West Virginia

"Buckeye Chuck"
(from Ohio)

General Beauregard Lee
(from Georgia)

"Chuckles" and his wife
(from Connecticut)

"Flatiron Freddy"
(from Colorado)

"Potomac Phil"
(from Washington, D.C.)


 "Wiarton Willie"
(from Ontario)

"Shubenacadie Sam"
(from Nova Scotia)

"Manitoba Merv" and Live-In companion

"Balzac Billy"
(from Alberta)

To these brave rodents, we salute you for the courage you are demonstrating.

And to all others....

Enjoy the Spirit of the day !

Dick Arendt