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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Looking at the 2015 Sun City Anthem Board Candidates....Rex Weddle and Carl Weinstein

Sun City Anthem 2015 Board Candidates
Hodgepodge of the Past & Present

(part 4 of 4)

In our final segment of examining the six candidates who have chosen to run for the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors, we will examine both a past board member and a first time contestant.

Rex Weddle

Having seen Rex Weddle in action as a member and now chair person of the Life Style Committee, we find him condescendingopinionated, inflexible, and frankly, not much of a "people person".

"Mr. Friendly"...he is NOT. 

Mr. Weddle, as head of that committee, recently recommended the construction of a nine hole Mini-Golf course despite the Property & Grounds Committee having previously rejected the idea, leading us to conclude that his election would continue the path of unwarranted needless spending.

That same day the staunch advocate of that mini-golf project suddenly endorsed him for election to the board on his publication

Coincidence?  We don't believe that to be the case.  

That leads us to believe electing him to our board,  would also mean his voting in favor of the vast expenses associated with the mini-golf project.

The word "compromise" is not in his vocabulary, and we believe he would demonstrate that closed mindedness if elected....similar to many who have been elected in the past.

In addition when questions were asked of him by a resident who was merely asking for a simple "yes" or "no" answer, we were surprised at this response...

"Without fail, the questions seem poised atop prejudicial argument. That is, the questions set forth ’facts’ as someone sees them; ‘facts’ which color the picture and subtlety make the interrogator a proponent of one side of the question.  As posed, the questions are a straw man argument, something I have a policy of not trying to argue."


Is that the manner in which you would expect an answer to a question from a person who is asking to represent you?

If this is the manner in which a question is answered prior to election, one can imagine how it would be...afterwards !!!

We believe that working with this man would be difficult at best; and as a result, we consider Rex Weddle, NOT the best person for the job.

Our final candidate in this year's board election is...

 Carl Weinstein

He too was a member of "The Unity Party"...when, with their support....he was elected for one term.

It was near the end of that term when certain other members of that board...decided that he and another board member, would no longer be privy to PRIVATE negotiations with a proposed restaurant operator...

...a restaurant operator who had a devious past...and was married to an individual who had robbed 8 Las Vegas banks and served in a Colorado penitentiary...

...the one who eventually would obtain the SCA contract through the approval of those same board members who withheld that vital information....

...until she too....sold the business to another individual who had a judgment of $150,000 against him for improper financial conduct...

...documentation of that judgment presented privately to a board member at a breakfast meeting with two separate blog owners...

... in hope that it would convince him to avoid this individual from consideration...

...who in turn...promised to convey that information to eventual association president and current retiring board member, James Long.

Despite that concerning documentation...that individual's restaurant was also subsequently approved by that board to continue its operation...

...until one day...the doors to the restaurant were abruptly shuttered....and he too...disappeared !

Who was a part of that original secret negotiation to allow such "concerning" individuals a contract for Sun City Anthem residents ? 

We learned in a three way phone conversation between Mr. Weinstein and another board member...

...conducted on speaker phone...with witnesses...

...the individuals who were involved in that "secret meeting" purposely excluded Mr. Weinstein and a fellow board member but included an alternative blogger, his wife who was then a member of the board, and other selected board of which was the association president...

..the same association president who would subsequently be named to the HOA Hall of Shame by Channel 13s Darcy Spears in TWO separate television reports.

"Coincidently", that same alternative community blogger refused to support Mr. Weinstein at that time for reelection, writing demeaning articles about him and criticizing him at every opportunity, resulting in Weinstein's defeat.

Here is a quote made by the alternative blogger on February 14, 2011 regarding this candidate:

"In the transition election of 2005, when there were 13 candidates for 6 open seats, Weinstein finished 7th.

In 2006, with 3 seats open, Weinstein finished last among the 6 candidates.

In 2007, with 12 candidates running for 4 seats, Weinstein finished 5th, but his total of 826 votes was less than half the total of the 4th-place finisher."

In 2008, with support from Unity, Weinstein not only won election, but he led the results among 6 candidates for the 3 open seats."

Is that indicative of a "machine" candidate"?

That same blogger on August 10, 2011, further wrote:

"Gosh, if I had known that all it would have taken in the past was to start a recall against Weinstein in order for him to do the honorable thing and resign, I might have given it a try". 2015....Mr. Weinstein has been endorsed by that same blogger.

Perhaps someone out there might explain how that can happen ?????

Our take....the "good old boy" system at work....

Why the reason for the change of heart? 

Another "quid pro quo" crony deal?

...and when all of that is added raises our eyebrows as to the credibility and motive of this candidate's desire to be on the board.

It was some time ago when Mr. Weinstein was asked...

Why do you want to be on the board?

And his response....heard by a number of people...

"because I like the benefits"

Our conclusion...we have no idea who the real Mr. Weinstein is...and our association has run out of time to find out !

Accordingly, the questions surrounding this individual are substantial, and as a result, we believe Mr. Weinstein does not deserve election to the SCA board of Directors. 

We hope this series of articles has assisted you in casting your ballot in this year's election.

As we mentioned in the initial article of this four part series, we feel strongly that knowledge of the past is indicative of what is to come.

We ask all of you if confronted with the words...

"Don't Look Back"
(the creed of the Unity Party) look that person straight in the eye and say...

"Those unfamiliar with the past... are condemned to repeat it"

We have now made you aware of the past...and from this point, it is up to you, the property owner and voter, to decide whether or not you choose to repeat it...or reject it.

We believe the time has come for "new blood", fresh ideas, and leaders who are committed to first examine the "politics" of the past, recognize them for the damage they have caused, and correct them in the spirit of unselfishly "caring" for the community as a whole...rather than through the eyes of special interest groups.

And in conclusion, following our detailed analysis of the candidates, we believe the following individuals can best accomplish that goal.

Barry Goldstein
Bob Frank
Jim Mayfield

Whatever your decision...we ask all of you a simple request....
Anthem Opinions Administration

Monday, March 30, 2015

Looking at Sun City Anthem 2015 Board Candidates...Bella Meese & Jim Mayfield

Sun City Anthem 2015 Board Candidates
Hodgepodge of the Past & Present
(Part 3 of 4)
This is the third installment of our board candidate critiques, and today, we will closely examine the two incumbents seeking reelection.

Let's start our summary by looking at...
Bella Meese
If one were asked....
 "Who is the biggest disappointment  as a board member?"
 Bella Meese would sadly, hold that honor !
What began 4 years ago with "optimism" has deteriorated so rapidly over the years, that few who knew her "then", would have difficulty recognizing her "now" !
This candidate and current board member is referred to in many circles as ..."I need a place to have lunch"  Bella as a result of her making that public statement when asked as to why she continued to vote again and again to subsidize Cafe V with association funds, you, the residents, contribute through dues paid.
Her history of fiscal responsibility can best be described as "SPEND SPEND SPEND".
This individual has NO BUSINESS experience, and that has become quite obvious over the years through her voting record at spending whatever has been proposed...
...rarely if ever, questioning the amounts involved.
She has maintained a deaf ear again and again from association members regarding a "checks and balance" procedure of association expenditures.
Her background has been a "community organizer" and has a past record of flipping between political allies and opponents more times than a pancake on a griddle.
She originally supported prior board member and current candidate, Bob Frank, and ran alongside him a number of years ago... when he lost reelection.
At the same time she lost her first bid for election to the board....
...she apparently realized that her board member ambitions would be better suited and "politically expedient" to no longer support Mr. Frank. 
After that election loss, she decided to cuddle up with members of the "Unity Party" camp...
...the same individuals who cruelly took action against Bob Frank, the person she previously had heavily supported for election.
...and with their assistance and support....she has prevailed for the past 4 years.
Over that timeframe, those who initially supported her would eventually realize that being elected also meant abandoning a number of her long term friends and associates.
George Meese, her husband, has been influential as the "Content Coordinator" of a monthly publication  entitled "The Villages of Sun City Anthem",  mailed to each resident of the Sun City Anthem community on or about the first of each month.
If one looks closely to the monthly glossy cover page, those residents featured have almost entirely been past ADVOCATES of the UNITY PARTY.
This is a FOR PROFIT publication, and questions have arisen as to whether or not it creates a conflict of interest for Mrs. Meese as it pertains to her fiduciary responsibilities as a board member.
Fiduciary responsibilities include "avoiding self dealing" whereby "a self-dealing transaction is one in which a director enters into on behalf of the corporation that directly or indirectly benefits the director personally."
This can take the form of the director being a shareholder of another company that the corporation is dealing with, the director having a competing business, or the director’s close family member standing to benefit from a contract that corporation intends to enter into.
Rumors (unsubstantiated) have arisen that the advertising revenue generated by "The Villages of Sun City Anthem" monthly magazine, have had a negative impact on revenue obtained by our community publication, "The Spirit" each home receives monthly.
We believe in order to dispel those rumors and remove the "cloud" that currently exists...
... it would benefit the community if our association president, in one of her "president reports" would immediately publish "The Spirit" revenue prior to and  since publication of "The Villages of Sun City Anthem" commenced. 
We also would ask those figures be INDEPENDENTLY examined as well, prior to disclosure. 
A number of people have never forgotten her words:
"Anything to get elected"
In our opinion, there is no good way to say it...
...she has plagued Sun City Anthem financially for years. 
We won't rehash her 100% voting record of using association funds to subsidize the restaurant at each available opportunity.
In summary...a vote for  Bella Meese is simply...a bad decision...
...and we give her a "D" as a board member who does not deserve reelection.
Why?  Simply stated...
"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
Two terms are enough for any individual...especially one with her poor voting record.
Our next candidate for consideration is incumbent....

Jim Mayfield
Here's a guy who loves to "talk the talk", but never seems to fully "walk the walk".
His voting record closely parallels that of Mrs. Meese; but on the positive side, he has been a sharp critic of the financial abilities and failures of FSR, our management company.
Jim Mayfield has the ability to do the job...but he's also a "politician's" politician.
His attempts at making positive change have often been rebuked by fellow board members...
...and his frustration with their inability to change...their need to maintain the status beginning to be evident. 
That became apparent when he and one other board member last voted to CEASE subsidizing the restaurant with association funds...a battle he lost.
When the management contract was last reviewed and another firm other than our current FSR was chosen by a committee in charge of searching out competitive bids, he and two other board members traveled to Arizona to what was believed  to be a "finalization" of the deal....
...but....suddenly, that firm, shortly after the meeting, decided to withdraw their bid to manage our association.
It has always been difficult to understand why a firm going through such an extensive and expensive road to obtain a contract... recommended by an independent team charged with, and completing such an exhaustive search...
...then withdraw their offer to manage our association shortly after that meeting.
Perhaps Mr. Mayfield might fully explain just WHAT HAPPENED at that meeting to cause that firm to withdraw from a substantial contract that would compensate them millions of dollars each year ????
He's tried a number of times to convince other board members of his beliefs, but the "cronyism" of certain other board members (current and those retiring) have prevented him from achieving much success.
...and we believe any success he MAY achieve if elected to a second term, will revolve around others being elected who share his "reform" beliefs.
One very strong positive is that Mayfield has the reputation of answering all emails that residents send him...and for that..we commend him.
We may not like all of his decisions...but we do appreciate a recent change he's made....
....explaining why he made them...another positive.
We believe Jim Mayfield gets a "C" for his past board service, but with a short field of 6 candidates, we believe he deserves another term on the SCA board.

In our final installment to be published tomorrow, April 1st, we will discuss the final two candidates, Carl Weinstein and Rex Weddle.

Harry Reid Not Running for Reelection

Reid Announces Retirement, Endorses Schumer as Successor 

CLICK HERE for Full Information 

Click on our Information Page...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Looking at the 2015 Sun City Anthem Board Candidates....Barry Goldstein & Bob Frank

Sun City Anthem 2015 Board Candidates
Hodgepodge of the Past & Present
(Part 2 of 4)

Today, we will examine the first two of the six candidates who will be running for our board.

Let us start with....
Barry Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein is relatively new to our community...and thus...not "yet" polluted in his thinking.

He is a business person...a man with strong financial credentials...a member of our Finance Committee who refused to "sign off" on what appeared to be "irregularities"...

...and...based on what he has written to date, seems to have a grip on the reality of running a successful business operation; namely, actively seeking the assistance of successful individuals who have vital experience.

He is not afraid to "speak his peace" when he sees something that appears questionable.

He looks to be the type of individual who admits he is not "all-knowing" and has an "openness  quality" which we perceive as a desire to "listen", thereby being one of the first candidates to show signs of actively pursuing a number of options and opinions.

We also learned that when he originally decided to become a candidate, he was promptly approached by an alternative blogger and 2 former board members urging him NOT to run....

...that his questioning various aspects of past leadership...demanding answers to basic information that any resident has a right to obtain....placed him in a category they could not support at the current time.

In our opinion, that meeting demonstrated..."good old boy" political maneuvering at its best.

Mr. Goldstein took that information, discussed it thoroughly with his wife, and after her comment...

 "Barry, you've never run from anything in your life"...

...he promptly continued his candidacy.

...and as a result of his stance against political cronyism...that same blogger refused to endorse him for election.

That...we believe, is what SHOULD be part of proper individual who will stand up for his beliefs and to those who would actually have the audacity to control an election and the actions of a candidate.

As a result, we do believe Barry Goldstein would be good edition to the SCA Board.

Our next candidate to be examined is...

Bob Frank

Bob Frank (and his wife, Kay) have been perennial candidates for the Sun City Anthem board.  This year it's Bob's turn.

If there is any person in our community who has been the brunt of more vile criticism than Bob Frank, none comes to mind.

Bob Frank is a good man...despite what has been written or said about him.
Yes, he can be persistent, and at times, his inability to compromise, has resulted in his being his own worst enemy...but... one who knows Mr. Frank can deny...

He has been a leading and passionate advocate for homeowner rights.

Bob Frank was appointed by Governor Sandoval to the Homeowners Association Commission...and serves in that position to this day.

Mr. Frank was previously elected to the SCA board of directors with the highest vote total achieved by any candidate in the history of our association elections.

...but...following that the shock of the electorate....

... a "brokered crony deal" between others elected at that same time...
...deprived him of the association presidency...

....which an overwhelming majority of residents wholeheartedly believed he deserved by his having received such a vast number of votes over the other candidates.

Yes, SCA rules permit the elected board to choose their officers; but in that particular case, there was little doubt that "the people" wanted Mr. Frank to be at the helm of association leadership....

...a choice that other elected board members knew....meant reform...opening up "the books" to proper examination....yet were unwilling to allow that to take place in bypassing him for the presidency.

...and from that day, a literal "persecution" commenced against Mr. Frank and his desires for reform.

For anyone who lived in Sun City Anthem (in 2008), the memories of a filled auditorium witnessed fellow board members subject him to the most cruel and embarrassing treatment as they proceeded to strip him of the Vice Presidency of the Sun City Anthem board. 

A near riot almost took place in utter disgust of how those fellow board members treated him...without even allowing him any verbal recourse...

...and police were called by the then president for personal protection from the angered crowd who felt betrayed by the unprofessional and rude manner in which Mr. Frank had been subjected and coldly "deposed".

It was in our belief, the saddest and most embarrassing day in the history of Sun City Anthem governance.

We believe Bob Frank is deserving of another opportunity of serving Sun City Anthem as a board member...

...the time has come to rectify the indignities he suffered...and he should be allowed the opportunity of proving his dedication to the rights of homeowners.

He stands for reform....needed reform.

Many people in the audience on that sad day were soon to was to become the beginning of what would shortly thereafter be known as...

"The Unity Party"...where "closed door session" candidates would be chosen by a "select few power brokers" in order to maintain control over association affairs.

Tomorrow, we will examine board incumbents, Bella Meese and Jim Mayfield.

"Guardianship" Advocate Seeks Needed Help

"Guardianship" Advocate Needs
Emergency Support

As most of you know, Rana Goodman of Anthem Today is deeply involved with the guardianship matter that is currently before the Nevada legislature.

And...if you are passionate....and committed... to the passage of this legislation, Rana has asked us to remind all residents who have supported this measure of an event that will take place on Monday, March 30th, at 1:00pm.

There will be meeting at the Grant Sawyer Building, located at 555 Washington St. (at Las Vegas Blvd. just north of Cashman Field) where AB 325 will be discussed before a formal committee.

It is expected that a number of attorneys will be present to rally support for the DEFEAT of this legislation.

Accordingly, your help is needed to ward off this attack against the legislation that has obtained thousands of signatures on a petition.

We have been advised that your physical presence would make all the difference in convincing committee members of the massive support for this bill...

...that it is not necessary that you actually address the committee, (though any words would be greatly appreciated)...

... but a massive turnout against the forces who wish to defeat the bill, would go far in influencing committee members as to it the effect it has on senior citizens.

If you are able to attend, merely sign in and check the box that states you wish to be in attendance for the discussion on this bill, and are in favor of this bill's passage.

If you have any questions on this emergency matter, we urge you to contact Rana Goodman at:
She has advised us that she will be most happy to assist you in obtaining further details.
Anthem Opinions Administration

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anthem Opinions Looks at 2015 Sun City Anthem Board Candidates

Sun City Anthem 2015 Board Candidates
Hodgepodge of the Past & Present
(Part 1 of 4)

Very shortly, all residents of the Sun City Anthem community will be receiving their annual ballot to decide who will "represent" the residents for a two year period.

We use the word "represent" loosely, because the question that should be paramount when you cast a ballot, is..

Who do they represent...YOU or THEMSELVES ?

What do we suggest?

There are four seats to be filled in the 2015 edition of "HOA political chairs" and of the 6 candidates, 4 have been on previous boards.

We will look at all six candidates individually and give you our rationale as to why we believe each would be suitable or unsuitable for our leadership.

Let us begin with whom we believe would make excellent decisions toward strengthening the financial integrity of Sun City Anthem:

Barry Goldstein
Bob Frank
Jim Mayfield

Note: we have found it difficult to recommend a fourth individual.

You are entitled to vote for 4 individuals; however, voting for less than 4 will NOT invalidate your ballot, and can actually better assist those you prefer by not voting for a specific individual you feel is not qualified.

A series of three articles will be presented.  

The first, to be published on Monday, March 30th, will summarize candidates Barry Goldstein and Bob Frank.

The second  (to be published on Tuesday, March 31st) will include the two incumbents running for office, Jim Mayfield and Bella Meese.

The third and concluding piece (to be published on Wednesday, April 1st) will give you our thoughts on candidates, Carl Weinstein and Rex Weddle.

Let me remind all of our readers...

...that other than the facts presented, we will also share our personal opinions about them as well....

... based on personal observation, experiences, and actions, while bringing up questions that we believe YOU, the resident, are entitled to have correct knowledge of, prior to your casting any ballot.

Our practice has been...and will continue, not to make endorsements of any kind.

We feel that is would be improper.

...that a good quality publication merely tells all, and leaves the results of those facts and opinions up to the voter in order to make a personal educated decision.

As a part of our  pledge of "telling it all", we have disclosed not just information about the candidates, but the behind the scenes actions of some who sadly believe they must have absolute control in the running of our retirement community.

Some might say....look ahead, not back....but the past has always been indicative of what one might expect in the future...

"that those unfamiliar with the past, are condemned
to repeat it"

It is now for you, the electorate, to determine the future course of our community and whether or not you believe the past must be maintained...or...altered... make a qualified decision based on YOUR NEEDS and the abilities of those you achieve them.

Once again, look for our first installment tomorrow, March 30th.

Anthem Opinions Administration