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Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to Embarrass Your Association General Manager...."Machine" Politics at its Best !

    Sun City Anthem
"Ain't Ready for Reform"

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When we caught word of an individual named Sherryl Daly being placed on the Sun City Anthem Lifestyle Committee, we were astounded !

Why ?

It reminded me of the "doings" of an old Chicago politician named "Paddy Bauler".

Bauler+2.jpg (419×600)
Chicago Alderman Mathias "Paddy" Bauler

Paddy was a Chicago alderman from 1933 to 1967, and his most famous line that will live in the annals of defining Windy City politics was ....

"Chicago Ain't Ready for Reform"

...and how appropriate that appears to be in Sun City Anthem...after reading of this recent Board appointee.

The only way this can be viewed is a simple "slap in the face" to the person chosen to MANAGE Sun City Anthem by a "machine" that is flexing its muscle for CONTROL.

Time for a little bit of refresher from the past....especially for you newbies out there.

We actually should go back a number of years when this lady chose the pen name "Sandy Ridge" touting countess demeaning and uncalled for, rude attacks on the characters of a number of Sun City Anthem residents.

We know this because an alternative blogger "SLIPPED", printed her real name, then, after realizing what he had done, quickly removed it from his blog.

...and no matter what denials anyone might here.....a bunch of people have THE COPY before the guy removed it.

We won't embarrass her by restating those comments for several reasons.

First, they were THAT disgusting; secondly, that type of rhetoric would have resulted in getting your mouth washed out with soap as a kid; and third, that form of trash would never be permitted to remain on Anthem Opinions.

As time proceeded, she was employed by FSR, our former management company; however, prior to our transition to self-management, FSR TERMINATED HER FOR CAUSE, and was at last check, refused unemployment compensation as well.  We have no idea as to whether it was ever later approved.

Hmmmm ! 

Would that stop this woman...or...others attempting to "influence" any formal management decision?

Of course not, that's not how "the machine system" works out here.

She would then apply to our current General Manager, Sandy Seddon, for a job !

The result...she was NOT HIRED, despite countless numbers of former FSR employees being offered employment under the new "self-management" regime.

Two other blog owners.... who was also constantly harassed by this same individual...

...actually used their blogs to go on a ridiculous crusade to persuade Mrs. Seddon to reconsider her position...

...acts that in our opinion, did little other than "stick their noses in matters that were none of their business", attempting to undermine the GM's decision.

It didn't work and all seemed to be we thought !

So what happens after two PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS come to a conclusion this individual SHOULD NOT BE EMPLOYED by either of them?

"The Machine" slaps Mrs. Seddon in the face, by...

.... appointing her to a position on a formal committee, a Lifestyle Committee having a bearing on YOUR LIFE.

Of course it was pure coincidence she has always been a staunch supporter of "machine" politics, and  all of us who reside in Sun City Anthem know that "machines" take care of those who are loyal to them.

So Paddy, if you can hear me up there (or down there), your words of past wisdom ring loud in Sun City Anthem....

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"We Ain't Ready for Reform"

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  1. From Robert Opinions

    The residents of SCA proved they were NOT ready for reform based on the previously (and questionable) election now they can stew in their own pot.

    But, never fear, I'm sure that the alternative blogger, (a.k.a. Board of Directors lapdog), will rush to his keyboard and defend this Board's current decision to prolong the SCA agony by appointing yet another loser to the Lifestyle Committee.

    By the way, that IS an appropriate name: "Lifestyle" Committee - unfortunately this is NOT the lifestyle many residents had hoped for when they moved to SCA; any Club that had to deal with this committee during last year's review of their Charters may have had painful experiences dealing with one or more of these bureaucrats.

    YES most committee members are honest, friendly, and competent people - but there is and have been various foreign objects over the years floating in the restrooms of governance that, in their new authoritative positions, acted like the Gestapo when dealing with the clubs.
    1. Wow, it sure didn't take long for the association's unofficial pain the "honor" me again with the ooze from the puss of his poison pen.

      Well now, as my original article stated, somehow some people just can't keep from sticking their noses into matters where they don't belong.

      What counts is that Sherryl Daly was FIRED, and it took an attorney and a number of appeals to get a reversed decision, something very common that most GUILTY PEOPLE do. Attorneys get guilty people off the hook...that's how they make a living.

      She was NOT retained by Ms. Seddon, nor was she offered any other position within the new self-management system.

      So stop with the nonsense of trying to protect an individual who wrote the most disgusting comments about so many people...

      ...comments you readily accept as "journalism"; comments most people with "class", look at as TRASH.

      ...something you would not have any idea how to define, because when they passed out the "class", they instead gave you "happy pills" to ease your admitted clinical depression in order to allow you to tolerate yourself !

      She was and IS a political hack, the perfect individual you would admire; the kind that obviously 2 organizations wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH...

      ...until "the machine" bailed her out, and in the process undermined the authority of a General Manager's PROFESSIONAL OPINION.

      Why don't you print the disgusting comments she has made about NUMEROUS PEOPLE over the years?

      Oh... you don't really have to do that, all people need do is go to your blog and type in her name in the "search" box...unless you've removed all those comments as well !

      We believe strongly that birds of a feather flock together, especially buzzards who enjoy KILLING for the shear satisfaction they receive in demeaning others...

      ...your total objective... to hide your personal deficiencies and lack of any relevant success in life.

      Perhaps that might be the reason that in the last seven days, according to your own counter, a total of only 1,103 people have visited your distorted publication, while 8,331 have visited Anthem Opinions.

      1. Part One

        My God, I'm sick of being the target of an insecure loony tune who for some reason, needs to poke his nose in EVERYTHING.

        Just more insults...that's all that jackass seems to be capable of !

        Ever have a fight with a kid in a school yard and the only way the sissy would defend himself was to call someone names? You know, the guy with the big mouth, the coward who was incapable of being a real man, the bully who believed he was a "someone" until he bumped into the wrong guy who called him out for what he really was...

        A nothing !

        This article did nothing more than dramatize a "MACHINE", those individuals who control it, and those who need one to survive.

        This blowhard from Balonyville is so afraid of anything that might rock his little ship, the only recourse he has is...INSULT.

        Anyone really believe this bunch of hooey ? 

        The med- filled alternative blogger obviously took a few extra happy pills the guy claims 1600+ readers, but sent out 13,000 emails?

        So, is that SPAM? 

        He certainly used the word to describe it whenever it served his ulterior motives regarding others.

        I wonder if he failed at math like he did as a lawyer...and how proud his dad must have been when the Massachusetts Bar told him he had to stop practicing law due to his self-admitted dishonesty !

        Some scorecard of success, huh? 

        This is the guy who some people actually believe? 

        Oh well, for those who do, remember PT Barnum's famous line:

        "A Sucker is Born Every Minute".

        What kind of guy carries a pocket recorder making sure he records everything someone says to order to "use it" against them at a point in time when it serves some sadistic purpose?

        A guy who needs some serious help.

        Is there anyone out there that would trust a guy who was dumb enough to believe he could forge a judge's signature and get away with it? there anyone out there that would trust a lawyer with their life with that record and "respect for the law"? 

        Is there anyone out there that would be crazy enough to place any confidence in such a person?

        Oh yeah...a bunch of people swallowed it because he said he was "depressed".

        So was John Hinckley when he shot Ronald Reagan and Mark David Chapman when he gunned down John Lennon !

        You want either of these guys prowling your neighborhood?

        But to say this latest nonsense about 13,000 people reading his trash when he only has a "supposed" 1,600 subscribers and only 1,100 bother to actually enter his blog kingdom of boredom OVER AN ENTIRE 7 DAYS PERIOD, is right up there with believing that the Easter Bunny will visit you on Christmas. certainly is "breaking news" to know about a resident's private lawsuit that doesn't have a thing to do with him or our association, isn't it?

        Intelligent people would refer to that type of person as a busy-body who needs a life.

        ...or...a restaurant menu...or a meeting of some committee (already published by the association) that is SO crucial, only he and about a dozen others bother to attend. 

        Now that's Entertainment !

        What a sad state of existence when someone uses the final years of one's life to be a "wannabe", when prior to that time, the only thing he actually accomplished was assisting a bunch of incompetent individuals control the lives of senior citizens in a number of board elections in a homeowners association.

        So that's a mark of life's success ? 

        I guess so in his case. There certainly isn't much more to brag about.
        1. So...would someone please tell this jackass that there are more people wise to his BS than he might think....that there is a reason most people run like the wind and avoid him like the plague most of the time when he approaches them....that few ever approach him !

          I think that's more accurately referred to as a "royal pain in the a _ _ ".

          Let's close this off by looking at his latest bunch of insults that prove just how insecure this creature must be.

          Here's the latest from this sick creature.

          As if an election has anything to do with a fired employee !

          Besides, very few believe the deck wasn't stacked anyway !

          Get a load of this propaganda....(note I have a questionable intellect according to this guy...another needless bully insult) that only another bully would appreciate:

          "Mr. Arendt may be right about the number of my blog visitations. But, being the person of questionable intellect that he is, he would never acknowledge that the eight articles I've published in the last seven days were received via FeedBlitz email by a total of nearly 13,000 recipients who don't need to go onto the blog to read them.

          Will the day ever come that the vast readership he claims will translate into success with his Board-election recommendations? It certainly hasn't happened yet. Only one word -loser- can apply to his track record."
    2. The latest "trailer trash stupidity" " displayed on the Berman blog by one of his typical low class "groupies" appropriately named "Sad Sac" regarding Anthem Opinions readership:

      "Arendt claims 8,331 visits to his blog, that equates to approximately 50 visits per hour for 7 days/24 hours per day. How many people can be that nuts."

      Our comment: 

      Sad Sac, our readership is professional; it's that extensive, and none like you, a coward
      who hasn't the courage to use a real name, and whose life must be so shallow that one would take the time to demonstrate ignorant, rude, and insulting behavior...comments that prove my point....

      ...only other cowardly bullies who share the same values, can appreciate comments like yours.

      Thanks for proving my point...birds of a feather, flock together. 

      You are the perfect representative of a blog written and read by a dysfunctional individual who obviously feeds on other insecure and dysfunctional individuals like you to exist.

  1.          Dick ArendtAugust 3, 2016 at 7:41 AM
  2. Now another insult from one of the Berman Loonies...typical of the Bully Blog !

    We are printing this to make sure the readers are fully aware of the low class of nameless cowards who have no life other then INSULTING others.

    From the newest "trailer trash" "S"...

    "I must admit that after reading his post I checked back several times during the day, thinking surely someone was going to respond. I'm sure others did, too, boosting his counts. He writes such nasty things about people, all the while stating it won't be allowed. Now the only responses are his and it appears he may have gone over the edge! The rage and hate spewing from him is almost funny but in reality is so pathetic. He never seems to be able to respond with facts or thoughtful statements as to why he believes something to be true. He just goes after anyone disagreeing with him. He fits the definition of a bully perfectly." 
    Our comment:
  3.               And "S"... sorry you look at the truth as "nasty".  Your "kind" are worth being nasty too....not because               of disagreeing, but because of the INSULTS people like you enjoy tossing when you can't come                       back with anything that remotely resembles intelligence.  

  4.          Dick ArendtAugust 3, 2016 at 9:32 AM
  5. I am certainly popular today and I should actually thank those on the Berman blog for demonstrating just how disgusting so many of them are. So many of them have shown themselves to be nameless hypocrites that demonstrate just much "class"..."low class" ...they have... in their DEGRADING INSULTS. EXPOSING the INSULTS to our readers that appear on the Berman blog, allowing OUR readers to look at that publication for what it actually is..

    TRASH, supported by TRASH, whose comments are all to often, TRASH.

    Another Berman reader with yet another INSULT.

    Now I'm a festering boil...that should be ignored...ignored by everyone of course, except Mary E.

    Thank you Mary E., yet another nameless coward, for this latest ASININE remark...that clearly demonstrates you being every bit as CRUDE and INSULTING as the others you seem to enjoy being a part of in demonstrating your intelligence.

    "David, Arendt has clearly gone off the rails. His remarks are so off course and responses from your readers just seem to wind up his cuckoo clock. Best to write him off as an irritation, like a festering boil, and ignore him forevermore."
  6.          Dick ArendtAugust 3, 2016 at 9:43 AM
  7. Of course...there has to be some kind of follow-up from Mr. Bully himself...and we again, are most happy to expose our readers to even more of the UNPROFESSIONAL and INSULTING commentary.

    Thank you Mr. are doing such a great job of showing the "quality" of your publication...with all the INSULTS. We hope they continue in such a way that our readers can fully comprehend the reasons as to why you have established TRASH as your journalistic standard.

    Here's more he's insulting a Presidential candidate (but in his mind this is journalism, remember that)

    "S and Mary E.: I try very hard to stay out of national politics on the blog, but I must note that a couple of people have pointed out to me that they see a bit of Donald Trump in Mr. Arendt: Lashes out at others, then gets upset when people dare to respond, accusing THEM of being the bullies. Alienates many along the way.

    He has a zero record of positive accomplishments in this community, at least in terms of getting people elected to the Board.

    He HAS succeeded in having a high opinion of himself, however. And yet, this is a man who claimed he was going to stop going after others and would take the high road. But his "high road" instead turns out to be a subterranean tunnel."

  1. Reprinting the Berman comments has been enlightening....and has allowed so many to look at that publication for what is it...


    And now were back to Mary E. with an a comment obviously intended to INSULT.... EVERY RESIDENT in Sun City Anthem who happens to be a Republican.

    Good going, Mary E., now your obvious prejudice as spewed into even further territory. 

    Mr. Berman, thanks for showing the community another derogatory remark that had no merit, other than guessed it...


    ...only this time you intended to INSULT EVERY REPUBLICAN in Sun City Anthem.

    "David, I was going to write that I see a lot of Donald Trump in Arendt, but I thought he might take that as a compliment."
  1. Oh Oh....looks like heat is getting to Mr. let's INSULT in another manner....again...and TYPICAL...

    ...NOT having to do with ANYTHING other than to change a subject, and need I say it again...

    ...throw another INSULT.

    Just what does any of this have to do with a fired employee?

    Looks like people are finally seeing with their own eyes, the "quality" of TRASH and HATRED that exists in a BULLY when someone "has had it" with his degradation toward others by making the public aware of this harmful HARASSMENT toward others by reprinting such garage.

    Reprinting the commentary that has been shown to be DISGUSTING, just continues on and on...

    ...and we will continue to do so in order that you, our readers, may judge for yourself, as to the destruction this man has brought to the table of our association through such DISGRACEFUL behavior...and allowing others to display their inward HATRED as well...and calling it "journalism".

    The lastest from the "BULLY"...proving his insecure need to....

    BULLY through...ah hah...


    "The Arendt hypocrisy knows no end.

    He rails against my contributors' use of pseudonyms or anonymous names (though I know who each of them is), but he was on board with the sending of an unsolicited, anonymous campaign letter to members during the recent Board election campaign, an effort which clearly backfired.
    One standard for Arendt, another for everyone else
      1. More Insults from Mary E. on Dirty Dave's Bully Central:
      2. "David, I think I've lived here almost as long as you, and it's very hard to think of even one positive thing that Arendt has done for SCA in all that time. On the other hand, I know that while you don't use the blog to blow your own horn, every time I turn around you are involved in one project or another that benefits us. Even if I were to just confine the long list to the blog, the money you have saved residents through your Tickets For You service and the people you have assisted with Neighbors Helping Neighbors is mind boggling."
      3. Our comment:
      4. Mary, Mary...get out of your shell and open your eyes. If you ever get of the house and into the real world...and read anything other than Dirty Dave's propaganda, you might realize that I wrote 3 shows for the Veterans saluting World War II , one for Filipino typhoon relief, and was responsible for obtaining entertainment for the Entertainment Club when they begged me for assistance.
      5. And...when two individuals....Dirty Dave's pals...were terminated by FSR...I offered to save SCA $30,000 to $50,000 each year to do their jobs for $1 per year...and that buck would find its way into the Salvation Army Christmas kettle. Sandy Seddon will verify my offer.
      6. In addition, the historical articles written are often patriotic.
      7. I have had Board Directors publish articles on Anthem Opinions to show impartiality, and printed the full voting records of Board Members as well as conducted extensive investigations with the assistance of readers, to uncover CORRUPTION....
      8. ...something INSULTING Dirty Dave has never done.
      9. I try to keep people active by spending hours making them aware of entertainment venues around town.  I know many local entertainers, and was the former Entertainment Editor and Radio Talk Show host for the Vegas Voice.
      10. I have recruited knowledgeable people to assist Anthem Opinions, especially Tim Stebbins who is primarily responsible for providing knowledge to residents with regard to Nevada law in our "Nevada Know How" section.
      11. Dirty Dave has tried to get others to join his blog, but has NEVER had a taker.
      12. ...perhaps because no one wishes to be associated with his FILTHY underhanded deceptions and constant HARASSMENT of innocent parties.
      13. I have had numerous parties at my home that are filled with a large number of residents, often with local entertainers performing.
      14. Has Dirty Dave?  Nope...he instead bought a few people a buffet using his points!
      15. Other than copying association publications, restaurant menus for restaurants hyping food that you wouldn't feed a dog, and hyping a golf course in the summer heat, Dirty Dave has managed to boast about his abilities to elect those whose records have brought us such memorable  achievements as an IRS fine, a closed Liberty Center because his wife was too STUPID to demand an inspection prior to acceptance, a number of failed restaurants filled with some of the most sordid characters in Las Vegas, and best of all...
      16. ...allowing people like you to anonymously show their comments that are so offensive, DEGRADING, and INSULTING, that most people with any "class" wouldn't consider making.
      17. Congrats Mary E. for falling for a guy whose past life is so filled with corruption, back door deals, and character assassination. 
      18. It's clear that only people who are of that same caliber can appreciate that type of person and admire those antics.
      19. Perhaps that's why most people with manners look at people like you as cowards who make such rotten remarks, yet don't have the courage to use a real name.
      20. And by the way, just what do you do to "shine" in SCA other than bitch on a blog about a person you've never met?
      21. My guess....nothing...just like your hero, Dirty Dave, who has some idea he's a "someone" when most people in SCA will run the other direction when he approaches them.

        You see, Mary E., Dirty Dave can't handle others who are more successful than he is or ever has been, and the 1,200,000 visitors we have had at Anthem Opinions in our short 3.5 year history is a threat to the corruption he has justified year after year.
      22. We "tell it like it is".
      23. He "tells it the way a machine wants it told"...
      24. and...until recently, people like you were too blind to see it...but they are beginning evidenced by his dwindling readership while Anthem Opinions continues to far surpass his by an overwhelming rate.
      25. Dirty Dave once tried to convince people that he and I should debate each other. 
      26. Why, I have no idea, but he lied about my not accepting his offer.
      27. My conditions...all questions were on the table...and...
      29. He declined.  
      30. Why? 
      31. Was he afraid that the machine ticker would go off the charts when others would ask him relevant questions about his tainted past and back door antics ?
      32. You and his other declining numbers of groupies use the same defense mechanism to support him again and again.
      33. Rarely do any of you ever address the issue with an intelligent answer.
      34. Instead, your pattern is always the obvious...
      35. If he INSULTS...
      36. YOU then...
      37. ...INSULT like him !  
      38. That is the role model you have chosen to follow.
      39. We all know his business track record is nil, he lost a law license,and his "successful" track record consists entirely of promoting those who have created waste and destruction. 
      40. That is  undeniable. You can't hide the failures unless you're an ostrich sticking your head in the sand.
      41. He knows that...
      42. ...and his only defense mechanism to disguise his insecurities and never ending failures in life is a practice he has embraced for years...
      43. ...spinning a web and attracting weak minded bureaucratic nasty individuals to join him in....
      44. ...assassinating the character of others.

      45. a are those who follow the same path...
      46. you have demonstrated again and again.

    1. Even More from Dirty Dave & His Groupies...

  2. Now I'm threatening people with emails and/or phone calls ?
Where do Dirty Dave's readers come up with these ideas?

Obviously, from their mentor, and his daily dose of "happy pills" !

Desperation.... Dirty Dave...just desperation...from some loony who is probably Dirty Dave in disguise.

Show me ONE threatening email I have ever sent to any person,  Dirty Dave, and PROVE IT by forwarding the email to me. Then have that person state in what way they believed they were ever threatened?

Tell me the name of ONE person I have ever called and harassed or threatened? Have that individual come forth, and say that to my face with PROOF of such harassment or threat.

But this...nothing short of a nutcase would write this unless they were told to do so or whose LIES influenced them in any way...or who probably doesn't even exist !

Besides, now the latest.... "nutcase" is insulting all Republicans,  just another example of a lonely old individual filled with ignorance and "low class" who hasn't much of a life other than sit behind a computer and INSULT again and again.  

Mary, Mary...or whatever you are....Open Mouth...Insert Foot !

"Along Comes Mary"....

"Now I'd love to share my full name with your readers, but I've heard too many scary stories about how he harasses his enemies with emails and phone calls when he is able to find out who they are. I don't need such intimidation from such an insecure, envious person who lacks the confidence to let his writings stand for themselves instead of behaving like a schoolyard bully. This man is SCA's Number One bully, but the right of free speech does "trump" censorship in a democracy."

Sorry Mary or Dirty Dave, or whatever your latest name is....

... bad excuse for cowardice since you or Dirty Dave will never produce ANYTHING that threatened any person...

...because nothing like that ever happened...except in the mind of  Mr. "Happy Pill" and his vicious puss filled poison pen.

And for the record, it certainly is becoming quite obvious what enjoys a publication that enjoys INSULTING on a regular basis....(note the word "who" was not used...human's don't act that way)....

..."things" that are not mature enough to place a name to their childish ridiculous DEMEANING junk, their sole accomplishment...attracting other "sickos" of the same "low rent" character to join them in their tirades.

This community has put up with these forms of creatures for years. They contribute  NOTHING to society, and at best, are nothing more than  uncaged animals looking for their next kill. 

...and they give the community a bad name in their attempt to convince others that HARASSMENT is an acceptable form of behavior in a a senior community.

Anyone still wonder WHY Anthem Opinions requires a real name to comment?

To avoid DISGUSTING COMMENTARY that has nothing to do with anything other than HARASSMENT.

Thank goodness for Ice Cream Socials to break their monotony...

Note that 48% of Dirty Dave's readers over the past seven days just happened to be the day of Dirty Dave's INITIAL pounding away in an article that tried to disguise the truth about his "inside information source" who got CANNED FOR CAUSE.

Tell me that doesn't define the characteristics of his audience ?

They have such a little life that their existence revolves around  TRASH talk.....and they seem to "get off" on harassing others.    

How about the past totals of people who found Dirty Dave...of any vital interest ?

Total readership on Dirty Dave:

8/2     472   (the day Dirty Dave prints his initial INSULTS..he needs readers and only way to get them is INSULT)
8/3      -0-    (that's right NONE)
8/4     121   (People getting sick of your insults?)
8/5     113   (yes indeed, you and Mary keep sounding likes idiots)
8/6       97   (keep up the good work you two, people love trash)
8/7     180   (thank goodness for an Ice Cream Social)

Dirty Dave's TOTAL OVER THE PAST 7 DAYS:  983 

(only 140 per day...out of 1600+ readers who don't even have to read it... and oh yeah...13,000 emails sent)

(Think I'm making this up?  Go to his blog and click on a little black box that his software was UNABLE to eliminate in order to disguise his LOW readership....he couldn't eliminate the box, but he could eliminate the CONTENTS...THAT'S WHY IT'S BLACKED OUT...unless you click on it and discover the DISMAL readership. It's all right way to deny that "he ain't what he claims to be")

What's  his comeback excuse to distort?    13,000 emails to 1600 subscribers that don't affect his counter?  


For the record, Anthem Opinions email blasts to subscribers are NOT included in the totals. You must click on a particular article for it to be added to the actual number.

In other words, you may get an email blast from us and if the subject does not interest you, it can merely be deleted, and WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in any READERSHIP TOTAL.

Anthem Opinions:
Total readership for the past 7 DAYS:     8,243

(1,177 per day that actually have to click on the publication to read it)

See what happens when you're a blog that INSULTS and HARASSES, with cowards that never use a real name?

People look at it for what it is...


Now...Dirty Dave, you and your sickos have a pleasant week festering in what most of us intelligent individuals are sure will arrive from your cesspool, just another new rendition of the same old thing....

Harassing and Insulting others by nameless cowards.  It's obvious without those insults, you would be unable to survive.

...and it does nothing but increase our readership because people want valuable and fun information, rather than reprints of association bulletins, and LOW CLASS INSULTING COMMENTARY.

It's Your Castle....Enjoy it !

Arranging a Room for Comfort

469957837.jpg (170×170)

See our Information Page...
"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Board Director Questions Lease Provisions

Board Director Questions Terms of Proposed Lease

You know how most charitable organizations are vetted as to how much of what they collect is spent on "administrative costs" versus what they actually spend on "charitable" work?

The Foundation Assisting Seniors HAS NEVER issued a public financial report showing their ...

"administrative expenses", "charitable spending", or
"financial reserves". 

I asked for that documentation two months ago when we started considering the lease and affiliation agreement. 

The lease has not been signed to date because it needs some rewriting

One item of specific concern is a rental payment in the agreement. 

Originally drafted during the PRIOR board administration, the Foundation would pay Sun City Anthem $1,000 per month for the use of their facilities...

...however....the $1,000 rental payment would THEN BE DONATED back to the Foundation.

Sun City Anthem is a not- for-profit corporation, and therefore the "donation" would not have any tax savings to unit owners.

Considering how much the Foundation collects from us...

(monthly bingo games, various raffles setting up tables in Sun City Anthem facilities, and attempting to solicit donations from a number of community clubs)...


... that they are now an "outside" group also servicing other communities, they should provide a financial report.

All other leases signed by past boards took place AFTER financially vetting the outside firm. 

Rumor has it that the Foundation is very "generous" in what it spends on meals, etc for it's trustees. 

It is my opinion there is no legitimate reason for not providing financial statements nor for the Foundation to be exempt from a monthly rental amount.

Carl Weinstein
Board Director
Sun City Anthem
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We would like your comments.

Should this lease agreement be accepted?

Should any rental income derived be donated back to the Foundation?

Let us know. 

Send them to:
  1. From Dorothy Opinions

    It's wonderful that someone, Carl Weinstein, Board Director, Sun City Anthem, one of my favorite board members, has been watching for us!

    The administrative cost of donations to any charitable organizations must made public!
    1. From Bud Opinions

      Full transparency equals Full support. No exceptions.

      There is No excuse for hiding the truth.

      Just another Bellagate looking for a place to happen.
      1. From Keith Opinions



      2. We would like to reiterate our blog policy regarding anonymous posts. Unlike other publications, we will NOT post anything unless there is a name we can identify.

        Our "opinion" is that if you will not identify yourself, your comment is unacceptable, and will be deleted.

    2. From Dennis Opinions

      In regarding F.A.S. ----

      YES, financial statements must be a requirement.

      We should have the right to review the expenses, what expenses are spent, how officers are being compensated, etc. Expenditures must be audited.

      YES, rent should be paid for by FAS especially since they are now outside of SCA communities.

      And NO, SCA should not donate the money back to the foundation.

      Since FSA serves multiple communities, they should consider renting outside of SCA.
  2. FSA is a sacred institution enshrined in the covenants of Sun City Anthem and therefore above the laws and rules of normal organizations. Ha!