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Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Sun City Anthem Board Member Who Is Not Afraid to Tackle a Bureaucracy

Our NRS 116 expert looks at our newest Sun City Anthem Board member...and he's tell you why ...

Nona Tobin
A Breath of Fresh Air

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  1. From Marty Opinions

    I knew right from the start and after attending that Sunday meeting for the perspective members running for the board that Nona Tobin was a champion for the changes needed at SCA.

    Hopefully as the time progresses she can bring the needed and proven leadership this community needs (in spite of their unwillingness to support its daily demands).

  2. From Robert Opinions

    Ms. Tobin has a daunting task facing her, not the least of which is dealing with an internet troll who attends Board meetings, is too intimidated to speak out (in person) at the meetings, and hides behind the privacy of the keyboard to spew forth misinformation, scurrilous libel, and hatred.