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Friday, December 29, 2017

Henderson Mayoral Office Responds to Raiders "Land Bargain" Questions

City of Henderson to Sell Land Parcel to Raiders
City Has Right to Sell Property 
at Below Appraised Value

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  1. From Rana Opinions

    If they make the deal and the Raiders build here, how much revenue over time will that bring into our city?

  2. Not sure about the revenue, but NFL players have a record of some of the worst "domestic violence" in American sports, and Raiders fans are well known for their "enthusiasm".

  3. From Favil Opinions
    Sadly, they have the right to sell the land at below market price. Having said that, there is an element of hypocrisy in that they aren't willing to offer other parcels of land that they own at below market price.

    As an aside, the Raiders could purchase the land, decide to stay in Oakland, sell the land at market price, and walk away with 6 million in profit.
    I didn't see any provisions that would keep us from getting ripped off.

  4. The December 30, 2017  issue of the Las Vegas Review Journal covered this subject.


  5. From Robert Opinions
    Make up rules as you go along OR ignore the rules when it's to your benefit.

    Sound familiar??

    Of course the typical SCA resident who pays little attention to community governance and management won't get will go right over their heads.

  6. From John Opinions
    I didn’t read anything that would seem to justify selling the land for half price.

    Why not 70% or 80% of full price?

    Sure, it will bring in a lot of people and development, but that is not all upside.

    There will be a lot of traffic congestion as a result of this sale.

    Who is going to pay for all the road modifications, traffic lights, etc. ?

  7. VERY good questions, John.

    Let's remember all of this at the next City Council election as to who votes for and against the resolution.