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Monday, October 1, 2018

Has Sun City Anthem Become a Version of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" ???

Why Even Considering Reelecting Any of the Sun City Anthem Incumbents is Insane
(Part Two of Two)

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  1. From Samuel Novotny to Anthem Opinions

    The insanity of checking our yards has been with us for years, but usually the inspections were only done when someone complained to the landscaping committee. Usually a neighbor. I removed two front yard trees in December of 2014 because they died and   someone complained to the landscaping committee and a inspector came out and took pictures of the yard and I got a letter giving me 30 days to put up two trees. I am pretty sure I know the person that did the complaining. I checked a number of neighborhoods and found a number of homes that did not have two trees up front, but unless someone complained, the landscaping committee did not go out and look for violations.
    Anyway, I contacted the committee for a delay in installing the trees until spring and was given a time for a hearing. Unfortunately, my gardener misunderstood and installed two trees that I had selected to install in the spring. I went to the meeting  to discuss the policies, but met the chairperson whose name I do not remember in the parking lot and he  told me that since I had already installed the trees, the  meeting was not necessary. This was the third set of trees I put into my front yard in 12 years.  I wanted to discuss the insane policy of having two trees in the front and one in the back, but was told to get another appointment.

    Some of you longtime residents might remember the fiasco of the lady that had to remove a heavy  bench from her back yard because of the dispute on what it was? Something everyone should think about. The requirements for the trees and other landscaping requirements were established by Del Webb and Pulte and passed on as the law unto our association. Some trees are as big as houses and hang over the streets. Others shed leaves into their neighbors yards and guess who has to pay for cleaning them up.   I always wondered  whether the relationship between builders and landscapers in Clark county was an incestuous relationship. I agree that we need some standards of landscaping, or we would have religious and other icons all over the place, but trees use a lot more water than bushes and flowers. Maybe it’s time we looked at changing the requirements.


  2. From Valerie Opinions

    This is the BEST blog!

    You are so right, we do live in an Animal Farm!

    Time to do some "gleaning" to restore sanity!

  3. From Chuck Opinions

    It will interesting to see how many of the people responding via your blog are willing to step up and make the commitment to improve our community. 

    With their obvious qualifications the election should have a multitude of qualified candidates that the residents can oose from.

    Voters should have a difficult time choosing the best of the best.

    10-15 candidates minimum should be easily possible.

    Maybe more.

  4. Chuck, we shall see !  

    10 to 15 would be amazing and I believe the community would more than welcome such a number, but all it takes is electing 4 reformers and the likes of this board will be history.

    One thing for sure, any of the incumbents must not be reelected...unless you want more of...

    1. the unethical manner in which the Removal election was handled.

    2. the ridiculous income paid the General Manager through the Darcy Spears Channel 13 report.

    3. the unjustified high incomes of certain members of senior management.

    4. the association attorney's condoning all of these acts.

    5. improper vetting of the restaurant issue along with the "freebie giveaways" they were willing to sell a community down the drain...not counting the possibility and likely , probability of REOPENING THE SAME ISSUE OFFERING THE SAME FREEBIES TO ANY ORGANIZATION.

    6. the manner in which all of our homes will be "cased" on a quarterly basis by PAID EMPLOYEES for the correct number of trees and bushes.

    Only a fool would want more of the same. 

    It was obvious that when all of them ran, their WORDS in no way was any indication of their subsequent ACTIONS.

    This bunch has redefined the words SELFISH,  INCOMPETENT and UNTRUSTWORTHY.