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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Watch Out for the Upcoming Restaurant Poll...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

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Yet Another Deception in Progress ?

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  1. From Rana Opinions

    If the question, as you write, merely just gives a "yes" or "no" answer to “do you want a restaurant?”,  I strongly suggest everyone add the the "do" or "don’t" "wish to subsidize it".

    If there is no room on the ballot, attach a note with a staple so that it leaves a mark on the ballot that can be seen if the need arises to request to audit the replies.

    That is what I plan to do.

  2. Rana,

    I think your idea is very sound; however, what is so sad about all of this is that  you even have to make a special attempt to clarify something so important.

    It could have been handled so easily...if they were actually looking to obtain an objective community point of view.

    Why this entire matter can't be fully explained with alternative views and several options for a unit owner to choose on a formal ballot that is going to cost so much money, paints such a horrible picture of the lack of transparency that exists with this Board we have, along with the likely probability this "one question fiasco" was likely influenced by an association attorney, along with an over compensated General Manager in conjunction with her staff of "control freaks".

  3. From Robert Opinions

    Let's just hope the same Accounting Firm used for the "recall election" isn't used as the tabulator of the poll results (again).

  4. Robert,

    Let's hope NO accounting firm or any organization for that matter, would be paid any kind of fee, in any way.

    Then again, any "one question" poll is so biased that any person with an IQ above 10 should be looking at it as a sham.

    This concocted "poll" shows literally insults the intelligence of every owner in SCA.

  5. From Tim Opinions
    "The question" about the restaurant space can be worded to get the answer they want.  We will see.

    You and I could write such a question.

    What if the question is:

     "Do you want a restaurant in the Anthem Center....even if it will raise the assessments over $300/year initially and  possibly well over $500/year in the future?"

  6. Tim,

    If that was the question (which we both know is as likely as a snowball in hell), at least it would be an honest one !

  7. From Ann Opinions

    Who do you think you are spreading all this nasty, negative information attempting to influence our residents against every good thing that ever comes our way?? 

    Do you get great pleasure out of making sure things fail?? 

    We don’t want to put up with your garbage any longer, so if you hate us that much, then just MOVE OUT!!!

  8. Dear Ms. Hollingworth:

    Before I continue with the remainder of this comment, perhaps you might think of this option.

    If “you don’t want to put up with our garbage any longer”, why not stop logging on to Anthem Opinions?

    You obviously do so, because our records indicate you are not a registered subscriber !

    That might be the easiest solution to your dilemma.

    Now to the contents of your comment:

    Ordinarily I don't print such "far and in between" ridiculous comments we receive, because I choose not to embarrass them in front of others in the community...

    ... but in your case, I made an exception...

    ....for a good reason.

    I thought our vast readership should have the knowledge of a certain type of person who resides in our community who states others "hate", but obviously doesn't look in the mirror for the real definition of the word.

    I will not respond in the same insulting manner your have chosen. I never have, and never will. That would bring me to a level I refuse to descend.

    Is this your idea of a well thought out and intelligent comment that in any way should influence people toward making a decision?

    Comments such as yours are more then welcome on another blog, but not here on Anthem Opinions.

    For your information, I get pleasure in telling the truth rather than believing the lies some gullible people seem to swallow hook, line, and sinker, or even worse, selfish individuals ignoring truth because of a desire that they have without regard to the rest of those who reside in a community.

    I suppose you are opposed to full disclosure of the the facts before people vote on matters?

    Is it a good thing for a community to be so blind as not to see how this restaurant idea is getting pushed down their throats again and again without ever making sure the full story was ever told?

    Do you approve of the secrecy?

    I'm sure our readers would appreciate your answers, as well as, your ability to respond in a manner commensurate with that of a mature adult.

    Anthem Opinions now has 2,292 subscribers and reach between 1,800 and 2,000 people each day and you're the only negative response to this editorial thus far; much less doing so in such a childish, unprofessional, and insulting manner.

    And no, I don't hate, I just inform; but sometimes informing people of things they don't want to hear, can get people to hate a person.

    Those types, rather than respond in an intelligent manner and without sufficient knowledge of facts or common sense, are only capable of responding in one way...insults...

    ...and in doing so, make utter fools of themselves. like you, I pay my dues and taxes, so unless you're willing to pay me $750,000 for my home, I'm not moving; I plan on being here until the end of time!

    Have a pleasant day.