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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Looking Back at 2015 in Sun City Anthem....An Anthem Opinions Editorial...Some Final Thoughts

2015 Sun City Anthem Board
A Comedy of Financial Errors & Failures !
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Over the past three days, we have identified various aspects of our community leadership that has brought you facts as to the many  issues faced in 2015 and those that lie before us in 2016.

The question that must be asked following those articles is obvious...

How do we fix the problem?

The answer is YOU

How do we make a Board position one of HONOR rather than negative CRITICISM?

The simplest answer ?

You make a decision to be part of the solution.

How might that be accomplished?

You tell your friends and neighbors through casual conversations, luncheons, dinners, card games, and club meetings that the future belongs to all of make it successful requires all of us to do our part !

We want to change Sun City Anthem, and we hope you do as well.

Without necessary change, it would be naive to believe our future will bring us the "paradise" we longed for when we retired.

Contrary to what many of our opponents might believe....

..we would much prefer to write reports of PRAISE for accomplishments people will have made...or attempt to have made.

It give us NO SATISFACTION to bring bad news to anyone, but in order to bring about change, we MUST BRING OUT the TRUTH, as ugly as it can be at times.

Problems cannot be solved without first identifying and acknowledging they exist.

We hope through our series of articles, we've accomplished that goal.

We want people to CARE.


....because that is what the concept of "community" should MEAN.


And that also means we need LEADERS...leaders who will unselfishly consider their past accomplishments and apply them to the community in which we live.

We need caring, unselfish,  and qualified candidates to run in our next board election.

What will we do to assist you in your election?

We will ask people to walk down streets to tell people about you and what you wish to accomplish.

We will ask people to share the burden of problem solving to provide accurate information on which to base decisions.

We will tell the community of your integrity, the goals you would like to accomplish, and your commitment to ask people to share in those objectives.


We will assist you in your desire to make Sun City Anthem a place all of us can be proud to say...
 "We have caring, considerate, and qualified leaders who are committed to ask opinions of residents before vital decisions are made."

If you are that type of individual or know of someone who would have that burning desire to accomplish the goals of our community obtaining happiness, serenity, and financial security....

Send us a PRIVATE EMAIL.  Let us know.

Let's get together...and have a "heart to heart" discussion of how you believe our community should operate, and your ideas as to how that might be accomplished.

And know that if you will consider running for a board position....

We (and all of those who share our beliefs and values) will assist you in any manner we can.

Won't you be a part of the SOLUTION?

Send us an email at:

Thanks for reading these articles.

We know you would not have done so if you did not share our belief that LIFE CAN BE BETTER....



Anthem Opinions Administration

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