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Monday, November 14, 2016

Resident Comments Can Be Interesting & Enlightening

Do you Check Anthem Opinions
for Resident Comments ?

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Many of our subscribers read our e-blasts, but how many of you check back at Anthem Opinions during the day to see if and what your fellow residents have any comments on the articles ?

If you don't, you're missing something, because the commentary we receive is quite different than you get elsewhere.

All resident comments are posted directly below the respective article.
Rather than "name calling" and/or making a simple statement, comments are often well thought out, intelligent,  and provoke stimulating responses from others.

You normally receive not just an "opinion", but the reason as to WHY that individual felt the way they did.

So we invite all of you to check back with us during the day...especially when community affairs are being discussed.

You'll learn how your neighbors feel about various association decisions and hopefully, you'll join in the discussion with your feelings as well.

And of course...

... to all of our readers who have demonstrated both "professionalism" and "good manners" when making such comments, we at Anthem Opinions...

...thank you.

Anthem Opinions Administration

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