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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Addressing the Ombudsman Complaint and Sun City Anthem's Call for a Blogger's Summit (Part Three of Three)

Time to Hear Common Sense
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Rather than
Sun City Anthem Board
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(Part Three of Three)

This is part three ...

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Now...the latest Ombudsman denial of a recent complaint !

A complaint was filed stating that the Board Treasurer sent an eblast to advise people NOT TO VOTE for removal and that was followed up by an SCA employee sending emails to each Club President asking them to send it to their members.

Why? even the simplest mind... AFFECT the outcome of the election...

...because they knew, success at removal, likely meant a General Manager removal along with her staff.

After all, 836 unit owners, approximately 12% of all Sun City Anthem owners had signed a "no confidence" petition within a mere 4-5 week period, indicating displeasure at her management style and the excessively high income she was paid along with the many benefits that FAR SURPASSED any individual in a similar position in the entire Las Vegas valley.

Along with those petitions included a request that all of those 836 petitions be included in her personnel file for future evaluation and income purposes.... is normal business practice in any firm when employee behavior is brought to its attention.

That too...was IGNORED.

As a matter of fact, it was learned that her initial income at time of hire was $250,000; however, through a document request, the amount including benefits had BALLOONED to $265,000 as of January, 2018.

Perhaps any person that has ever been in a management position can explain HOW a person with 12% of an entire population indicating such a negative rating by a company's our case, the unit owners...

...can in any way, receive such an exorbitant increase in income and benefits, much less one that was shown to be approximately $100,000 per year higher than the Clark County Superintendent of Schools who manages in excess of of 80,000 employees???? 

We firmly believed the entire community was entitled to hear... 

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That, in our opinion, indicated FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY...

...that by allowing that action, the community would be able to make an intelligent and well informed decision as to the fate of those being recalled.

A formal request was made to use the same elbast system utilized  by the Association Treasurer, Forrest Quinn, to inform a community for that purpose.


DENIED by the GM and Board.


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It was then that a formal complaint was made to the Nevada Real Estate Division that the email involved TAMPERING WITH THE ELECTION PROCESS.

Why did the Ombudsman deny it?

Get ready for this !

Here's the reason for the denial.

"NRS 116 does not prohibit emails being sent out by the Association Treasurer prior to the receipt of the recall petition, as a recall petition is not an issue of official interest prior to the receipt by the board."

In other words, the petitions had to have been submitted prior to the email "advice" of the Treasurer.

So, knowing that petitions were being completed in droves that would create the recall election...

...Mr. Quinn, in our opinion (based on common sense), decided to "legally" SKIRT THE LAW (likely at the advice of an association attorney who also LIKELY CHARGED THE ASSOCIATION a fee for that advice), to make sure he published his BIASED email before they were submitted.

How's that folks?  

Your dues money was likely paid to an attorney in order to contrive a manner in which "the other side of the story" would never be heard... know, a part of that EIGHTY-FIVE GRAND that was blamed on the petition signers !

Then THIS NEW PRESIDENT calls for some kind of bloggers summit....

...following a slide presentation in which HE specifically DEFAMED Anthem Opinions...WITHOUT CONVEYING THE FULL STORY !

Once again, that was NEVER a part of the slide presentation, was it?

Why not, Mr. Burch?  

Did it not fit your purpose to damn Anthem Opinions in telling the full story?


Yes, but unless you were born yesterday, in our opinion, unethical...and designed to use a  Board position to DAMN a resident and a publication that "calls it like it is".

Why a blogger summit now?

He wouldn't give anyone an opportunity to tell the other side thenbut he wants a summit of some kind now?

I can't speak for the others, but one thing for sure...

...Mr. Burch, as for me, that AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN...

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You, as the President of Sun City Anthem...

awill guarantee any blogger to publish alternative views on the same official Sun City Anthem avenues that are made available through official Sun City Anthem publications.

In return, we will meet with any blogger or group of bloggers who, in our belief, can demonstrate:

a. the same respect to us that they expect for themselves;

ba belief they have the best interests of the community in mind;

c.  a belief that the whole of the community will be served rather than a select few.

...and thus far, you have a long way to go, before any of these are met.

That's why the alternative blogs authored by Rana GoodmanRon JohnsonNona Tobin, and Anthem Opinions were formed, Mr. Burch... make sure the community is aware of WHAT YOU and THE OTHER BLOGGER DON'T WANT THEM TO KNOW.

Mr. Burch, the truth never needs to be defended....that...

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And now...
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  1. From Valerie Opinions

    Just disgusting.

    1. From Robert Opinions

      Perhaps our President should re-read the Bill of Rights (specifically the one that addresses Freedom of Speech)???


  1. From Valerie Opinions

    Just disgusting.


  2. From Robert Opinions

    Perhaps our President should re-read the Bill of Rights (specifically the one that addresses Freedom of Speech)???