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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Fractured Community in Need on "New Tradition Team" Says Former Sun City Anthem Board Member & Finance Committee Chairman (Part Two of Two)

Election 2019
"New Tradition
Answering the Needs of a Ruptured Community

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Jim Mayfield

PART 2 of 2

The current SCA board election process and its effects on our community define for me the need for us, as homeowners and members of the SCA community, to step back and determine the philosophies of governance and their related values that will serve as the foundation of how our community is to be governed, and more importantly its culture. 

Therefore, as a former board officer, board member and committee member and chair, I want to share with you some observations about the direction of SCA governance over the last eight years and the clear choice we have in this election.

What Has SCA Become?

Very few people I know, regardless of political party affiliation, approve of the mess of our Federal government and the US political process. The partisan process has become mean, and little progress is made to solve the critical issues of the day. 

The daily operations of government are rarely under the control of the people we elect; instead, “professional” bureaucrats have real power, and elected officials know not to cross them. 

Over the last six years, SCA has increasingly modeled itself after our Federal government.

Who Really Governs Our Association?

Under the existing governance philosophy, the role of the board and its committees is to protect management, particularly the General Manager, from the homeowners and those who are critical of her performance. 

The board has never even adopted a set of criteria by which to objectively assess her performance or determine the basis for her bonus.

What is the Result?

Recent SCA boards punish its members who do not agree with the old-guard establishment majority currently in control. 

Secret meetings, under the guise of “officer meetings” are used to exclude dissenting board members for full participation in the governance process and access to timely information. 

The majority has even used various tools to intimidate or eliminate dissenting board members. 

One result of these oppressive tactics is that many members of our community no longer desire to become involved in volunteer service on the board, committees, or even the clubs.

So, What is this Election Really About?

This election is really about a choice of two diametrically opposing philosophies about the purpose of SCA governance.

Under the traditional philosophy, the roles of the board are to serve the SCA management bureaucracy and to deliver special treatment (i.e., fancy dining) to a select small group of insiders, regardless of the cost.

Under the New Traditions philosophy, the role of the board is to provide direction and oversight over the SCA management bureaucracy and to deliver cost effective outcomes favored by the majority of homeowners.

The choice is really this simple, and it is the reason I support the New Tradition Team candidates.

Closing Comment

In deciding for whom to vote, I ask you to consider the words of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

"One of the difficulties in bringing about change in an organization is that you must do it in spite of the persons who have been most successful in that organization, no matter how faulty the system or organization is."

"To such persons, you see, it is the best of all possible organizations, because look who was selected by it and look who succeeded (and benefited) most within it."

Please return control of SCA to the homeowners and elect the New Traditions Team candidates so that SCA is run for the benefit of the majority of homeowners.

Rana Goodman
Karen Hadrick
Barry Goldstein
Larry Mayer
Bill Odelson

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