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Monday, April 1, 2019

Former SCA & FAS President Looks at 2019 Board Election

Former Sun City Anthem
Foundation Assisting Seniors
"Sounds Off" on 2019 Board Election

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Favil West

A number of people have asked me who they should vote for in the coming SCA election. Other than sharing my personal preference I can’t and won’t tell you who you should vote for. I will suggest that you take a few minutes and be sure to vote.

Having served 6 years on the SCA Board, I know that being a volunteer is a thankless job. I do appreciate all of the people running for the board. Having said that, I am voting for a complete change in our board representatives. 

My reasoning is simple. 

The incumbent board members and a retread are misrepresenting facts in their campaigns and if they will do that while campaigning, what will they do if elected?

Last I heard, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Forrest Quinn tells us he has saved SCA millions of $$$. 

Let’s see now, he has been in office for 22 months that means he would have saved  an average of at least  nearly  $90,000 per month. 


He goes on to tell us that most HOA’s subsidize their restaurants. 


It is true that Country Clubs, and a few private clubs subsidize their restaurants. No Del Webb/Pulte senior community that I know of subsidizes their restaurants and I’ve been to Tucson, Sun City, Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Sun City Palm Desert, Sun City MacDonald Ranch, Summerlin, Roseville, Lincoln Hills, Texas, the Carolinas and none of them subsidize their restaurants. 

My first Sun City purchase was at Sun City Palm Desert so I am fairly familiar with their history..

David Weil tells us he led the community in the transition from developer to resident control


Fact, he was not a member of the Transition Committee, he was not a member of any of the task forces,  and, transition was started in 2003, and was completed in April 2005

He was elected in May 2005

How do I know all of this? 

I was Chair of the Transition Committee, the Communication task force, SCA Treasurer, President,  and member of the board of SCA.

Rex Weddle

He is responsible for the current hiring and paying nearly double the going rate for a GM or whatever the title may be, as well as the hiring of an agent to inspect our homes and disrupt the lives of so many.

Arrogance and disrespect should not be rewarded.

The others are unknowns whose experience is no better nor worse than previous candidates or their counter parts on Rana Goodman's New Tradition team.

A blogger has stated that several members of the New Tradition Team have no experience. 

A recent post card lauds the combined 50 years of SCA experience of the Berman team. 

I should remind you that Bob Frank, Lyndal Ruiz, Favil West, Dea Macdonald, all of the Del Webb group of board members, and Mike Dixon had no experience at SCA, yet that blogger supported all of them at one time or another.

The choice you have is simple. 

Do you want to support the status quo which is known for misrepresenting facts, bringing strife and division to our community, as well as significantly over paying the top 5 employees, or ,are you going to vote for a change?

The Berman ticket supports the status quo which has created disharmony, distrust, a significant drop in our national standing, and other problems in our community. 

I find it interesting to find that the Berman group is spending so much money to stay in power. 

Being a SCA Board member must be a pretty valuable position if they are willing to spend about $3000 to send out a bulk mailing, or do they fear that a group of honest law abiding people will find something untoward in their operation. 

You be the judge.

Personally, Im voting for a complete change and am supporting the New Tradition Team.

Rana Goodman     (1)
Karen Hadrick       (3)
Barry Goldstein    (8)
Larry Mayer          (9)
Bill Odelson         (10)

Thank you.

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