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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Finance Committee Report Just Election Propaganda to Justify Outrageous Management Incomes by "Machine" Board...A Resident Editorial

Unsolicited Review of Sun City Anthem
Executive Compensation
 by  Association Finance Committee
Biased and Not Relevant  to Sun City Anthem

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Robert Latchford
Sun City Anthem Resident

Upon reading ‘An Unsolicited Review of SCA Executive Compensation’ that was floating around Anthem Hall last week, I discovered a document diligently prepared by the Finance Committee, with the intended purpose of addressing the concerns of homeowners as to the diligence used by the Board of Directors in selecting and determining the compensation to those filling the offices of the management team. 

While the Finance Committee spent hours of good intent in its preparation, the paper seemed to do little more than endorse the Board and supporting its policies of remaining tight mouthed by trying to justify it’s already highly bloated packages given to the management people.

Did anyone wonder why this concern became acknowledged shortly after the queen bee’s title was changed from GM to COO? 

It’s now obvious, it was to enable them to use various websites in searches to provide more lucrative figures in determining salaries and bonuses, both present and future, as they are very generous with our money.    

They claim the main criteria that found General Manager categories of communities similar to ours, meeting the job description, only many less units, were ruled as unsatisfactory, as the pay scale we were wishing to pay more.

Therefore they chose to use different job titles until they could find something close by salary and job description. 

They also  tried to compare the COO position to the Henderson City Manager, which is ridiculous, not only by size, revenue and responsibilities.

However, the Board of Directors considered them similar. 

(Why didn’t they compare it to Donald Trump, as he collects zero in  salary)

The thought of comparing C.O.O. salary to the salary base in think tank ERI Research data base, compared to what the paper refers to as $11 million companies (if they mean assets that wouldn’t be a lemonade stand), is meaningless as it would command $229K to $329 salary package, but could still be at the Board’s discretion.

Most of these websites deal with national data; nothing was mentioned about our area.  

A  job in New York City or LA, would command a much higher package than a small town in Iowa as to the Cost of Living differences.

When I worked for Uncle Sam. even the feds realized that and paid accordingly.

Sun City Anthem is different than almost any type of residential community and has many reasons it should pose lesser responsibilities than most.

 May I mention a few examples? 

The "adults only policy" allows no need for school crossing walks or guards, school bus stops, parks & recreation, and landscaping restrictions.

No SCA managed golf courses.

No marinas or boat docks as in waterfront communities,

No horse stables or riding trails as in many upscale communities,

No problems with snow removal or trails for cross skiing or snowmobiling as in colder climates,

All utilities are from city or county utilities, so no community owned wells or septic systems. 

No storage areas to maintain for boats and RVs. 

 A great staff of dedicated volunteers are readily available for many less desirable tasks normally requiring paid workers.
Also, a person who has lived and worked in the area would likely have a knowledge of the quality, integrity and reliability of various vendors and suppliers, making the management positions more efficient, reflecting a better life style for residents. 

It is not necessary to compete with Microsoft or other giants of industry for qualified management.

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  1. Mr Latchford states: A great staff of dedicated volunteers are readily available for many less desirable tasks normally requiring paid workers.
    Yes, that is true...BUT take (for example) the Anthem 'Parking Lot Sales': for many years the VOLUNTEER Community Patrol handled any and all "traffic control and pedestrian safety" issues at the sale site. Suddenly, PAID HOA employees were thrust into that mix, providing the SAME service...SO this begs the question: WHY does HOA management now think it's a good idea to spend OUR money for service(s) previously provided by a VOLUNTEER group of HOA residents (e.g. the Community Patrol)………perhaps there's a contest at "HOA Central" to see who can come up with yet another meaningless way to waste OUR money???